egl publishing and sharing
Publishing and sharing: showcasing know-how
A critical factor in the success of any Employee-generated Learning (EGL) is the ease with which content can be released…
By Videhi Bhamidi on Mar 5th 2020
Co-creation: Employee-enerated Learning and collaboration
Social collaboration, sharing assets and pooling resources are important requirements for today's workforce. Together, they also represent some of the…
By Videhi Bhamidi on Feb 19th 2020
EGL creation
Creation: Making it easier for employees to generate and share their content
We know how difficult it can be sometimes to get started. Easygenerator, therefore, follows a number of basic steps designed…
By Videhi Bhamidi on Feb 5th 2020
Initiation - EGL
Initiation: Equipping your employees with the right tools
Lew Platt, Hewlett-Packard’s CEO, hit the nail on the head when he said: “If only HP knew what HP knows,…
By Videhi Bhamidi on Jan 22nd 2020
Employee-generated learning
Introduction to Employee-generated Learning with Easygenerator
Employee-generated Learning (EGL) is becoming mainstream in the corporate world. EGL’s collaborative approach to learning empowers employees to participate in…
By Videhi Bhamidi on Jan 9th 2020
implementing egl
5 tips for implementing Employee-generated Learning
Moving towards Employee-generated Learning is not easy, but the recommendations and tips shared in this article can help you ensure…
By Kasper Spiro on Sep 5th 2019
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