PowerPoint vs. e-Learning: comparison guide

Solely relying on Microsoft PowerPoint to craft and distribute your training material can be a nightmare. Excellent in the classroom, but inadequate for continuous learning, our experts looked into PPTX benefits in comparison to e-Learnings. What technology fits your organization the best? Download our free ebook to get key insights on both solutions, and an easy guide to convert PowerPoint trainings into e-learning courses.

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Comparison between PowerPoint and e-Learnings

What is the difference between the two? Do the benefits of one rival with the other? Our comprehensive comparison highlights when is best to use PowerPoint over e-Learning courses.

How to scale training activities when using PowerPoint?

Learn how e-Learning builds up on the limits of PowerPoint and how the two can contribute to the improvement of your training material.

Steps to convert PPTX into interactive e-Learning courses

Follow a few simple steps to take advantage of your existing PPTX resources and convert them into impactful, interactive, e-learning courses.

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