How to create the perfect course

Want to create a highly impactful e-learning course in no time? This guide will show you how. Our e-learning experts conducted extensive research with over 200 participants to determine the most effective ways to reach online learners. The result? A quick, data-driven guide revealing six course creation tips any e-learning creator needs. Download your free copy now.

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Writing tips to keep your learners engaged

Writing e-learning content is about putting your learners first. This guide explains everything from adding enough headers to knowing the exact number of words to include per sentence.

Establishing harmony between text and visuals

Visual content can enhance your learners’ experience, but there’s a strategy to it. We’ll show you the common mistakes to avoid and how to find the perfect balance between text and visuals.

The power of adding questions

Questions are a great way to create an interactive experience while assessing your learners’ progress. In this guide, you’ll learn what types of questions to use, when to use them, and why.

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