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E-learning Toolkit: The ultimate resource for learning managers

The future of corporate learning is digital – but is your team ready for it? Learn how to get started with our free ebook.

Remote employee onboarding: The ultimate guide

Onboarding is key to improving productivity and avoid high turnover rates in remote companies. Learn how to get started with our free ebook.

How to implement a knowledge sharing culture in your organization

Building a knowledge sharing culture is key to leveraging organizational knowledge for better business results. Learn how to get started with our free ebook.

Guide to creating accessible e-learning content

Creating WCAG compliant e-learning is easier than you think with the right knowledge and tools. Get the best strategy and all the knowledge you need for getting started in our free Ebook.

Why is adaptive learning the future of corporate training?

For training to be as effective as possible, it needs to be just right for the learner’s speed and style. That is where adaptive learning can help!

How to create a mobile learning (M-learning) strategy

Mobile learning is quickly coming to the forefront as a key aspect of an effective learning and development strategy. Now is the best time to get started!

SCORM is outdated – here are the better alternatives

Your employees’ growth will affect your company’s growth. Set your employees and company up for success and growth with continuous learning. Check out our free guide to discover how you can get started today!

The definitive guide to continuous learning in 2022

Your employees’ growth will affect your company’s growth. Set your employees and company up for success and growth with continuous learning. Check out our free guide to discover how you can get started today!

More with less: how can telecom operators handle their training needs despite tighter budgets?

Want to maximize your Learning & Development strategy despite tighter budgets? Here’s how 5 of the largest telecom operators succeeded. Get the free eBook now.

Your cheat sheet for creating pharmaceutical training courses online

Creating training content in the pharmaceutical industry is challenging. Our eBook provides tips to create high-impact pharma training. Get your free copy now.

Staying on top in challenging times: training & development in the pharmaceutical industry

What are the key challenges of training & development in the pharmaceutical industry, and how to respond? This eBook has the answers you need. Get your free copy.

Blended learning: ideal training solution for the FMCG industry

New to blended learning? This eBook by Easygenerator provides the tips and best practices you need to get started with blended learning. Get your free copy.

What is microlearning and why you should use it to scale e-learning output

Discover the importance of providing bite-sized learning content so learners can retain information better, gain access to important information in a time of need, and easily put it into action.

Cheatsheet: How to create the perfect course

Want to create the perfect e-learning course? This cheat sheet reveals six important tips to keep your online learners engaged. Download your free copy now.

9 cornerstones of effective course creation

How to create an effective e-learning course? This eBook by Easygenerator reveals the nine cornerstones that will set you up for success. Get your free copy.

Six trends that define e-learning in 2022

Learning & Development keeps evolving. In this free eBook by Easygenerator, we identify six key trends to should watch in 2022 and beyond. Get your copy now.

PowerPoint vs. e-Learning: The ultimate comparison guide

Are you using Microsoft Powerpoint extensively to create your trainings? In this ebook, we compare PPTX with e-learning and show you the steps to easily convert static trainings into interactive courses.

Step-by-step guide to effectively localize training content

Want to make your learning content more accessible for all employees? Learn how you can effectively localize learning content for all regions.

The real costs of E-learning: In-house vs. Outsourced

Want to save money on creating your e-learning content without sacrificing quality? Check out our free e-book to give you some tips on how this is possible.

Scaling up your e-learning activities with EGL

Want to implement Employee-generated Learning? This e-book shows how it solves business challenges. And what its implementation takes. Download now!

Shifting from classroom training to digital learning

Want to switch to digital learning successfully? Let our e-book guide you to prepare and execute the shift well. Download the ebook now!

Ultimate Guide on Selecting Authoring Tool

Want to know how to select an e-learning authoring tool? Follow the steps in our guide to select the right software for your company.

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