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Customer stories

Customer stories:

How Raízen democratized learning to eliminate reliance on external consultants
200 courses created in 8 months
Raízen democratized learning to eliminate reliance on external consultants
How T-Mobile's training output increased 5 times, while only using 25% of L&D resources
500% increase in training ouput
By adopting Easygenerator and its Employee-generated Learning approach, T-Mobile was able to overcome budget cuts.
How Electrolux embraced blended learning with Easygenerator
1000 resources in the first year
Electrolux significantly decreased their training costs while offering tailored trainings.
Danone learns at the speed of business by embracing a knowledge sharing culture
1000 new authors in 2 years
Danone created a knowledge sharing culture where over 1,000 authors leverage each other's knowledge.
How Sodexo tackled resource constraints with Easygenerator
150 resources in the first year
Scaling course maintenance and developing just-in-time training materials to meet regional needs.
How AstraZeneca saved $200,000 with our simple authoring tool
$200,000 of L&D costs saved
AstraZeneca has managed to save $200,000 on outsourcing costs in 2018 alone.
How De’Longhi optimized resources to fulfil more training needs
1,000 courses created
By moving from face-to-face to online trainings, De’Longhi was able to ensure better training coverage more quickly and easily.
How DHL increased its training capacity by democratizing learning
600 courses created
With Easygenerator, DHL employees can create better e-learning materials more quickly than before.
How DSM retained expert knowledge at a fraction of the cost
€5,000 savings per course
DSM can now create more learning content while saving valuable time and costs.
How GlobeAir created and updated custom training content on the fly and increased retention by over 20%
20% increase in employee retention
GlobeAir increased employee retention by over 20% by providing custom learning content.
How flexible microlearning saved BHP over AU$250,000
AU$250,000 of L&D costs saved
The risk team saved AU$250,000 by working faster, cheaper, and more agile with Easygenerator.
How Kantar revolutionized its global account team training
300 courses created
With Easygenerator, the global account team was able to set up a training program that will stand the test of time.
How APU created engaging e-learning more efficiently with Easygenerator
275 courses created in 6 months
Within 6 months of using Easygenerator, APU faculty were able to create 275 courses and 4 resources for more than 13,000 students.
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