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How GlobeAir created and updated custom training content on the fly and increased retention by over 20%

How GlobeAir created and updated custom training content on the fly and increased retention by over 20%

Having solely relied on off-the-shelf courses, GlobeAir struggled to provide specific training content to their pilots that maximized their limited time. Through Easygenerator, GlobeAir can provide customer training content faster, cheaper, and more effectively.
Hörsching, Austria


GlobeAir is an award-winning private jet operator based in Hörsching, Austria. Consisting primarily of pilots, GlobeAir’s team is constantly on the move. Operating in over 984 destinations, it is rare to have an overlap of pilots and employees in the same location. As a result, providing training to these employees requires flexibility and agility. That is where Federico Bevilacqua, pilot and Accredited Training Organization Learning and Development Manager, came in. With limited time to take and develop training given the rigorous schedule of being a private jet pilot, Federico was responsible for finding a way to provide the best training to GlobeAir employees that maximized both his others’ time.


To provide training to their pilots, GlobeAir initially turned to off-the-shelf courses. They quickly came to find, however, that these courses were expensive and made it difficult to track who had completed the training. Additionally, with policies frequently being updated, new training courses had to be purchased each time a policy was changed. In some cases, the process of purchasing the course and sharing it with pilots could take up to a month. In a fast-paced industry, this was too long. Perhaps the most restrictive challenge, however, was the specificity of the training content. Given the pilots’ limited time, training was most effective and well-received when it contained only relevant information. With off-the-shelf courses, this was nearly impossible. Ultimately, with these challenges in mind, Federico set out to find a solution that allowed them to track completion seamlessly, release new training faster, save money, and maximize the pilot’s time with the most relevant information.


Recognizing the plethora of knowledge the pilots within the organization possessed, it was an easy decision to bring the content creation process in-house. After being recognized as an Accredited Training Organization, the next step was to find the most efficient and effective way to create training. After trying a few different tools that were too complicated, the team decided on Easygenerator due to the defined structure and drag-and-drop interface that allowed for speedy creation. It was not long before Federico and the rest of the team at GlobeAir were quickly creating training that maintained a high-quality standard. With complete control over the creation process, training content was relevant, timely, and well-received. For Federico, this meant that he had to spend less time creating, and he could release new training to the pilots with updated content more efficiently. For the Pilots, this meant the limited time they had to engage with training was spent on highly tailored content. It was a win for everyone, and the feedback was only positive.

increase in employee retention

Over the past two years, GlobeAir has seen that its training content is more effective and well-received. With complete control over the creation process, training is provided to pilots in a timely manner. Instead of waiting up to a month for a new course, Federico and his team can release new content in less than a day.  Pilots are quickly updated on the newest policies and procedures, and it takes the time pressure off Federico and his team. With this new approach, GlobeAir has saved both time and money on their training by using Easygenerator. Last, but not least, employees are happier. They feel their limited time to spend towards training is being maximized as it is tailored to their needs. As a result, the retention rate of these pilots has increased by over 20%.

How GlobeAir did it

Ever since becoming accredited as an ATO, GlobeAir had a goal of creating training content in-house to better meet their training needs. The challenge was finding the right authoring tool that would be easy for Federico’s team to use. After trying other alternatives, Federico found Easygenerator and quickly created a course and shared it with his coworkers. In just two days, the training department was able to go through the course and give their stamp of approval for the new tool. After that, it was easy to get everyone onboard. The crew quickly realized how simple the training content creation process was with Easygenerator and how well they could track learners’ progress in the tool. And the company leadership was satisfied as well: Easygenerator made it possible for the training department to deliver tailored content more quickly and efficiently.

Federico Bevilacqua
Pilot and Accredited Training Organization Learning and Development Manager
"Everyone is happy because we can tailor the training specifically to our operations and company while also saving money."
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