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How flexible microlearning with Easygenerator saved the BHP Risk team over AU$250,000

How flexible microlearning with Easygenerator saved the BHP Risk team over AU$250,000

Using an external vendor, BHP struggled to keep up with all relevant training needs. Through Easygenerator, BHP has created a flexible microlearning program in-house to meet learning needs. The result? Reduced time to market, huge cost savings, and better engagement.
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Rob Jack is Principal of Risk Culture and Capability at BHP. He works alongside five colleagues in the Risk Strategy and Development team. The team is part of a larger 60-person global Risk team at BHP. Together, their mission is to support and verify risk management activities across the company and give assurance to the Board and senior management. It’s up to Rob and his colleagues to ensure consistent risk knowledge and capability across the company, which is mandatory for thousands of Risk Owners and Control Owners globally. 


BHP’s Risk team relied heavily on external learning vendors to create risk-related learning content for the global team. The Risk team would write the content themselves, distribute it to external vendors to create the training material, then upload the training into their central Learning Management System (LMS). Outsourcing course creation to third-party e-learning vendors was too slow, too expensive, and inflexible. Every little change needed to be discussed and signed off, before being sent to the vendor. By the time this whole process played out, the content was often out of date. When BHP launched its new risk framework, Rob and his team knew it was time to update their approach to creating and managing learning content. The new framework provided them with specific learning requirements that needed to be carried out across the company’s global Risk team. With several learning modules catering to different employees’ needs, Rob and his team knew they needed a cost-effective way of maintaining a large volume of content.   


To fulfill these learning needs, Rob and his team turned to microlearning to maintain the amount of learning content. Using Easygenerator as an experiment at firstthe team quickly realized how they could make their training engaging and effective by creating content in-houseRob and his team could cater to each learner’s individual needs, based on their background knowledge and location. And without needing the experience to create learning content in EasygeneratorRob and his team could produce new learning material within days, while it used to take months. BHP’s risk team had more freedom in creating, editing, and localizing learning content. They could successfully offer learners a more personalized and accessible learning experience with microlearning modules, while also cutting costs.

of L&D costs saved

By turning to Easygenerator to create content inhouse, the BHP Risk Strategy and Development team is more flexible than ever when it comes to creating learning materials. Due to the level of personalization the team can achieve with their courses, there has been a boost in learner engagement.  Even better, Rob no longer must spend AU $100,000 on a third party to create a 60-minute video. This has saved BHP over AU $250,000 on their course creation by developing modular microlearning with Easygenerator. 

BHP’s progress with Easygenerator

See how BHP has increased their output with Easygenerator:

Rob Jack
Principal of Risk Culture and Capability
"We could easily have spent AU$500,000 on risk-related training in the past few years. Currently, we're on track to spend less than $100,000 to build all the componentry we need."
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