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Text to speech

Redefine how your learners interact with e-learning content.  Generate high-quality audio for enhanced comprehension and enable anytime, anywhere accessibility.
Used & trusted by 2000+ companies worldwide
Create on-the-go learning experiences
Free your learners from the confines of text-based content. Let them listen to learning content on any device whether at work, commuting, or at home. Create more flexible, mobile-friendly learning environments with text to speech. 
Streamline audio content creation 
Our feature supports 55 voices across 31 languages, empowering you to produce diverse, high-quality audio content without time-consuming recording sessions or costly outsourcing. With customizable playback speed and natural-sounding voices, your courses become personalized and easier to understand. 
Elevate understanding for diverse learners
Improve learner comprehension by turning text into lifelike speech. Accommodate diverse learning styles in just a few clicks, catering to those who absorb information better when it's spoken. Perfect for auditory learners or anyone who is on the go.
Deliver consistent, high-quality training content 
Take your e-learning to new heights with professional audio content across all your courses. Automate with text to speech and eliminate human errors that occur during traditional voice recording.
Convert text to speech in just a few steps!
Choose your text
Copy the text you'd like to convert into audio. Navigate to the 'Add voiceover' option and select 'Text to speech.'
Customize your audio
Assign an audio title and paste your text into the input field. Select from 55 voices available in 31 languages and adjust the playback speed to your liking.
Generate your audio
Click 'Generate' to preview the result. If you're happy with it, select 'Save and add audio.' Your newly created audio will be added to your library and content page.
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