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Level up your e-learning creation
Introducing: EasyAI
Create faster. Improve quality. Boost learning. That’s EasyAI.
Meet EasyAI
At Easygenerator, we’re on a mission to make it easy for anyone in your company to create and share engaging e-learning. With EasyAI, it’s easier than ever.  
Your expert knowledge + AI capabilities = magic

Build an entire course with AI and watch your knowledge transform into an interactive learning experience.
Set the context: Choose the learner outcomes you want; get course goal suggestions based on Bloom's Taxonomy.
Organize your topics: Structure content in a way that makes sense to your learners.
Generate a full course: Based on all your input, AI will create your entire course, complete with text, images, and interactive questions.
Optimize your content through one-click actions

Instantly enhance your course content to produce high-quality, effective courses.
Ideate & brainstorm: Unlock creative ideas about your topic.
Summarize: Generate summaries and transform lengthy text into digestible content.
Simplify: Cut out inessential details and improve comprehension with crystal-clear language.
Create bulleted lists: Swap overwhelming paragraphs for concise lists that learners will remember.
Conversations so human, you'll forget it's AI

Chat and create: converse with EasyAI Chat as you would with your assistant.
Bring your ideas to life: Share your thoughts to generate new insights, definitions, explanations, and more.
Tailor to your needs: Refine your text to fit a different style, tone, or format.
Improve content: Seek feedback and suggestions to enhance quality.
Quiz your learners with captivating questions

Promote deeper learning with custom questions generated in seconds.
Generate questions: Enrich your course with customizable knowledge checks across multiple question types.
Create assessments: Select your ideal question to create an assessment page in just two clicks.
Frequently asked questions
All the answers you need
How do I get started with EasyAI? +

Start with EasyAI on a free 14-day trial for full AI feature access. If you are an existing Easygenerator customer, please contact our Customer Support or your Customer Success Manager for further information.

How does EasyAI use my data? +

Easygenerator takes security and privacy seriously. Discover how EasyAI will use your data. We will use your data to train our models, but we will only train our models on voluntary feedback received from our customers. This will allow for safeguarding proprietary information. 

What is the benefit of using the integrated AI solution versus one of the open platforms? +

Our integrated AI model is specific to Easygenerator and trained for e-learning use cases. This way, you get a higher-quality output for your e-learning courses.  

Does it cost anything to use EasyAi? +

EasyAI is in a free betatesting phase and can be available as an add-on feature to your plan for now.

Can I get a free trial of Easygenerator with EasyAI? +

Yes! You can sign up for a free 14-day trial with Easygenerator.

Try EasyAI for 14 days, no credit card required
  • 14 day trial with access to all EasyAI features.
  • Dive into AI-driven conversations for smooth course creation.
  • Generate engaging questions for enhanced learner comprehension.