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Empower your global teams with e-learning

You made the shift to digital work, and it's time your training did the same. Make a smooth transition to e-learning, and guarantee the quality of your learning experiences no matter where your team is located.

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Enable teams to create better content, faster

Ease the course creation journey with EasyAI. Turn your course material into learner-friendly experiences in just a few clicks.
Ideate and brainstorm: Generate creative ideas based on your topic for a smooth head start in creating your course.
Improve readability: Simplify language, create bulleted lists, and convert long text into bite-sized pieces.
Generate custom questions: Foster deeper learning with personalized questions based on your content.
Create a collaborative learning environment

Seamlessly collaborate on courses with authors and reviewers from any corner of the globe.
Co-author in real time: Easily collaborate with other authors. Share and receive feedback with tagged in-app comments.
Invite unlimited reviewers: Enhance course quality by getting insights and feedback from external reviewers.
Create author groups: Share, review, and transfer your courses among different departments or teams.
Meet your multilingual training needs

Break down language barriers. Cater to your global teams’ training needs with streamlined localization.
Auto-translate courses: Translate courses to 75 languages with advanced machine learning powered by Amazon AWS.
Export XLIFF files: Happy working with translation services? Export courses as XLIFF files; import the translated versions.
Manage localization in one tool: Write, translate, review, and share your e-learning content all in one place.
Seamlessly integrate with your systems

Build a unified e-learning environment across your entire organization. Easygenerator smoothly integrates with over 99% of LMSs and LXPs that support SCORM or xAPI. This means that different regional teams can easily publish, download, and export your e-learning courses.

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