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How Sodexo tackled resource constraints with Easygenerator
How Sodexo tackled resource constraints with Easygenerator
Keeping up with training employees at a global, fast-paced, company can be a challenge with resource constraints. Find out how Sodexo used Easygenerator to create training 22x faster while cutting the costs to create.
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In fast-paced, competitive industries like food service and facilities management, training employees is a challenge. It’s even more of a challenge for a company the size of Sodexo. The workforce at Sodexo consists of people from over 130 different nationalities. Marion Moulin, L&D Program Coordinator for Global Learning and Development at Sodexo, found her team struggling to keep up with the high volume of regional training requests. 


Regional requests can be highly specific. With a diverse workforce as well, local culture and language differences needed to be considered. Often, the sheer volume of requests left the team at a loss, and translation of materials was an expensive, time-consuming process. To meet regional training needs, Marion and her team tried fulfilling requests at the global level. But, given the large number of training requests and the limited capacity of the global L&D team at Sodexo, Marion and her colleagues were unable to fulfill essential tasks like course maintenance and preparing “just-in-time” training materials. The team knew they had a company filled with subject-matter experts (SMEs) who had the specific knowledge but needed an efficient way to share it with a larger audience. 


In search of an authoring solution that would enable employees to easily and quickly create their own training materials at the regional level, Sodexo turned to Easygenerator. By putting course creation in the hands of SMEs, courses could be immediately ready to use without lengthy translation and localization processes. And with standardized templates, consistent and quality courses could be created at the local level without having to go through a central department. Marion recognized Easygenerator as a simple solution for creating fast, on-demand regional training materials. Employees had a simple tool at their disposal for authoring and publishing e-learning, enabling those with the expertise to share their knowledge with colleagues.

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Since adopting Easygenerator, the global L&D team at Sodexo no longer needs to decline requests for local training materials. Now employees can use Easygenerator to create just-in-time, region-specific learning content. Regional teams at Sodexo have been able to build learning modules 22 times faster than using instructional designers and 42 times cheaper. With such savings, Marion and her team have saved both time and money to add value elsewhere in the company. 

Marion Moulin
L&D Program Coordinator
"Easygenerator made things easy. It is easy to drag and drop and to start understanding on your own just by trying things. If you have a question, just use the chat with Easygenerator support, and it’s super-fast. And when the course is finished, you can just share it with anyone you want."
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