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How Electrolux embraced blended learning with Easygenerator

How Electrolux embraced blended learning with Easygenerator

Electrolux struggled to keep up with growing training demands and new product releases. They set out to find an easy and cost-effective way to scale training output and move from face-to-face learning to a blended approach.
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Stockholm, Sweden


Founded in Sweden in 1919, Electrolux has grown to become the world’s second-largest manufacturer of home and commercial appliances. Over the past century, the company has expanded quickly. Electrolux has over 48,000 employees worldwide and tens of thousands of additional employees with their sales and service partners. As the company’s business continues to grow, so are the training needs of both their employees and partners. That‘s where Eva Eriksson (Training Operations Manager for European Sales and Service) and Cecilie Tystad (Training Director for Sales and Service Europe for Major Appliances) come in. Eva and Cecilie work together in a team of around 80 training professionals. Together, they provide top training to their employees and help them stay up to date with the latest releases. 


To remain competitive in the high-stakes appliances market, Electrolux must continually develop and release innovative new products and service concepts. This requires in-store training for the tens of thousands of store personnel across Europe. The store personnel are often the end-consumers’ main point of contact with the brand. Electrolux relied almost entirely on the outsourcing of e-learning development and face-to-face training methods to keep everyone up to date. This process was both expensive and time-consuming. The cost of translating courses into multiple languages to accommodate regional needs was often prohibitive. In addition, due to the slow development process and finite resources, it was difficult to scale learning content to reach ever-increasing audiences for both online and in-person training. To cut costs and keep up with growing demands, Eva and Cecilie knew they needed to scale their training output and move away from only face-to-face learning toward a blended learning approach.


Faced with these mounting challenges, Electrolux turned to Easygenerator to help them fulfil their training needs and set up a blended learning approach. With the support and training from Easygenerator, Eva and Cecilie found that they could start creating and making an impact right away. And with real-time collaboration, the team could instantly share drafts with their colleagues and exchange ideas. They quickly found that it was easy to scale training at a fraction of the cost, all while using one simple tool. While they could still provide some face-to-face training, their training operations could be optimized even more with a tool that allowed them to create local training digitally.

resources in the first year

According to Eva and Cecilie, the results of switching to blended learning with Easygenerator speak for themselves: greater scalability, better ROI and a more personalized learner experience. In the first year, they were able to create over 1000 resources. Despite strong competition from other brands, Electrolux is now confident that its blended learning model is helping it stand out with retailers in the European region. Training managers at Electrolux are proud to say that they can start measuring the correlation between retailer training and sales performance. 

Electrolux’s progress with Easygenerator

See how Electrolux has increased their output with Easygenerator:

Cecilie Tystad
Training Director Sales & Service, Electrolux
"If we wouldn’t have started with Easygenerator, we wouldn’t be able to produce as much content to train our customers and service providers as we are now."
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