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Outline builder

From just a few questions, generate structurally sound course outlines to enhance course quality, create better learning experiences, and increase completion.
Used & trusted by 2000+ companies worldwide
Generate course structures in minutes
Remove the guesswork and begin courses with confidence. Outline builder will generate a defined framework from just a few questions, so you will never have to restart course creation halfway through.
Streamline storyboarding
Save time and effort by storyboarding directly within Easygenerator. With Outline builder, you can visualize your course before adding content.
Promote independent creation
Outline builder provides clear guidance, giving subject-matter experts the power to create high-quality courses independently and expediting the review process by Learning & Development teams.
Increase course completion
A clear structure leads to engaged learners. Outline builder ensures your courses have a logical flow with clear goals and objectives based on best practices, reducing confusion and increasing retention.
It's easy to get started with Outline builder today
Define the purpose and structure
Answer just a few questions to set the expectations for your learners and create a solid structure based on the desired outcomes and learnings from the course.
Generate course outline
Once you input the required information, Outline builder will generate a course outline breaking down the key elements and topics of your course content.
Start adding content
Now that you have a working and structurally-sound outline, start adding your content and context to create a full course that will be sure to keep learners engaged.
Ready to start creating courses with a solid framework?
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