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Keep all your training up to date

Turn your training content into a dynamic resource that grows with your business. Empower in-house experts to publish and refresh their own materials, speeding up course creation for your scaling needs.

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Access your e-learning anytime, anywhere

Centralize all your e-learning in one cloud-based platform. Ensure effortless access for both learners and trainers.
Collaborate in real time: Team up with authors no matter where they are. Streamline co-authoring and review processes directly in the tool.
Autosave as you go: Never worry about losing your work. All progress and edits are instantly reflected and saved, making content updates quick and convenient.
Update old training material with ease

Make course improvements a collaborative activity for anyone in the organization.
Enable employee-led revisions: Decentralize your training updating process by equipping employees with user-friendly tools for editing content.
Import PowerPoint files: Convert existing PowerPoint presentations into e-learning courses. Enhance the content by adding images, videos, and interactive elements.
Streamline content upkeep together

Keep training content fresh by empowering your employees to take control.
Unlimited co-authors: Collaborate with other Easygenerator users or any external person invited by email. Even add an invitation message with your instructions about the course.
Author groups: Create designated author groups to streamline the process of granting editing permissions for all courses within a specific team, department, or region.
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