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Unlock the full learning potential for every learner with features that make e-learning inclusive and accessible.
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A supportive visual experience for all

Create a learning environment that adapts to the needs of every learner. Ensure a comfortable and effective experience with adjustable visual settings for your courses.
Enhanced contrast: Improved contrast between text color and background to enhance readability and reduce eye strain for all learners.
Personalized fonts & sizes: Select from a range of fonts designed to ease reading difficulties, allowing learners to engage with the content at their own pace.
Easier interactions with your content

Enable learners to comprehend content even without visual cues. Screen readers, alternative text for images, and high-quality audio bring content to life in a new way.
Text to speech: Transform text into natural-sounding audio to accommodate learners with visual conditions.
Alt text for images: Provide a comprehensive understanding of each image in your course through descriptive text.
ARIA-optimized navigation: Courses are optimized for screen readers and other assistive technologies to help learners interact with elements.
Made with mobility in mind

Reach everyone no matter their physical abilities. Accessible controls and logical navigation paths make it effortless to interact with learning content.
Keyboard-friendly navigation: Learners can navigate through courses using intuitive keyboard controls and visible focus indicators.
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