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How Raízen democratized learning to eliminate reliance on external consultants

How Raízen democratized learning to eliminate reliance on external consultants

With over 46,000 employees and diverse areas of technical specialties, Raízen hired external consultants to address learning needs. Juliana's team knew they needed a change to become self-reliant and reach more learners. 
São Paulo, Brazil


Raízen is a global integrated energy company with over 46,000 employees, 15,000 business partners, and a network of over 6,000 Shell brand dealerships across Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. Through advanced and proprietary technologies, Raízen expanded its renewable portfolio, such as second-generation ethanol (E2G), biogas, biomethane and bioelectricity from 100% clean sources. The company’s Learning & Development is centralized through its digital hub, Universidade Raízen. Juliana Seixas Monteiro’s team is part of this group. They collaborate internally and with external consultants to facilitate continuous, large-scale learning within Raízen. 


The Learning team was primarily responsible for L&D and created most of the courses and training content. They worked with instructors and hired external consultants when needed. This approach was slow and inefficient in capturing internal knowledge. Plus, it did not allow for addressing more specific training needs. In some cases, subject matter experts shared knowledge. However, they did this through PowerPoint presentations and other methods that were not didactic nor scalable. With thousands of employees and diverse areas of technical specialties, Juliana’s team had difficulty offering the necessary support and supervision of the content. They realized they needed to find a new way to capture employee knowledge before it was lost. They wanted to bring learning closer to employees, democratize it, and integrate it into Raízen’s culture. They began by developing campaigns to shift the internal mindset toward seeing learning as a continuous and collaborative process. Next, they searched for a solution to make this project viable.     


After analyzing different tools and platforms for democratized learning, Juliana’s team found Easygenerator to be the ideal solution to support teams in creating and sharing knowledge in a quick and effective way. It also helped ensure that the materials were didactically sound. Juliana notes that Easygenerator’s biggest selling point, when compared to other solutions in the market, was its ease of use. She found the platform was interactive and intuitive, facilitated agile content production, and seamlessly interacted with Raízen’s LMS.  


Within eight months of using Easygenerator, Raízen’s employees created over 200 courses. The Learning team reduced its need to hire external consultants. Through Easygenerator, employees document their knowledge in interactive ways and require fewer resources from the training teams. By enabling employees to create learning content, Juliana’s team gained more time to develop various continuous learning projects. Plus, the company can now meet training needs that would previously be deprioritized due to limited capacity. Best of all, knowledge is no longer lost due to employee turnover but is recorded and made conveniently accessible for all. 

How Raízen did it

Raízen started using Easygenerator with an Enterprise pilot plan. First, Juliana and her team needed to make teams aware of this new solution. They also needed to spearhead a cultural shift within the company toward a continuous learning mindset. They received support from their Easygenerator’s customer success manager to achieve this. Together, they developed internal communications, created exclusive spaces in Workplace, and conducted workshops, courses, and training sessions to educate employees. Thanks to Easygenerator’s ease of use, implementing the tool was simple. The Learning team’s efforts were successful. Now, Juliana is spreading awareness to new areas in the company and continues to measure the project’s results.

Juliana Seixas Monteiro
L&D Coordinator
"The platform is interactive and intuitive, facilitated agile content production, and seamlessly interacted with Raízen's LMS."
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