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How DHL increased its training capacity by democratizing learning

How DHL increased its training capacity by democratizing learning

With almost 600,000 employees spread out across the world, DHL’s learning teams were kept busy with continuous requests for training. Meredith, VP of Talent Acquisition, Learning and Growth, only saw a way forward: democratizing learning across the organization.
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Bonn, Germany


Founded in 1969, DHL is the world’s leading logistics company providing a variety of services ranging from parcel delivery to e-commerce shipping and industrial supply chain management. Today, the company has around 600,000 employees in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. This means there are a great number of learning needs at both central and local levels. As VP of Talent Acquisition, Learning and Growth at the Group level for DHL, Meredith Wellard is responsible for supporting the global and local teams meet training requests across the organization. To fulfil all training needs, Meredith knew she had to find an innovative way to generate quality learning content.


Before finding Easygenerator, Meredith’s team was facing two main challenges. On the one hand, learning content that was produced by central Learning teams could take anywhere from 6 to 12 months to develop. In a fast-paced industry, this process was keeping Deutsche Post DHL from training its teams at the pace of the business. On the other hand local teams were producing their own training content using PowerPoint and other basic apps. However, this content was often lacking in pedagogical quality, and it was impossible for the central Learning team to monitor it and provide their support.


Meredith realized there had to be a better way to create learning content and meet the diversity of training needs at Deutsche Post DHL. Her team began experimenting with different authoring tools but often found them too complex or not user-centric enough. Fortunately, another team at DHL had started piloting Easygenerator and Meredith decided to give it a try. The tool’s ease of use and simple integration within DHL’s existing e-learning ecosystem quickly won her over. With Easygenerator, Meredith was able to significantly reduce the time-to-market for training created by the central Learning team. Additionally, learning content created at the local level with Easygenerator significantly improved in quality overall. Across the organization, all teams were able to create more learning content in a quicker and more efficient way.

courses created

After implementing Easygenerator, DHL has developed almost 600 courses to date. With almost 400 employees creating learning content from all around the world, Easygenerator has become the go-to tool for all of DHL’s e-learning needs. The best part? Easygenerator is so intuitive to use that Meredith and her team see that it’s now possible for employees to create trainings that would have simply been put aside in the past due to lack of capacity.

How DHL did it

DHL started using Easygenerator on a 6-month pilot. During this time, Meredith and her team focused on raising awareness within the company about this new authoring tool. To roll Easygenerator out internally, Meredith opted for a bottom-up strategy to get employees to start creating their own e-learning content. Together with their Customer Success Manager, they hosted regular onboarding sessions to train new authors. To encourage new authors to use the tool, Meredith also made sure to include a change management aspect into this transition so that everyone was aware that Easygenerator was effectively replacing previous systems and apps, such as PowerPoint and Word. Once she had authors onboard, it was easier to convince senior management about the need of the tool within their teams. After all, their team members were already using Easygenerator to create relevant learning content! After more than two years of using Easygenerator, Meredith and her team now have a go-to tool whenever a DHL employee reaches out to them with a training project.

Meredith Wellard
VP Group Talent Acquisition, Learning and Growth
“Now, we get to do learning that we previously would’ve had to put aside.”
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