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How AstraZeneca saved $200,000 with our simple authoring tool
How AstraZeneca saved $200,000 with our simple authoring tool
An all-new training department at AstraZeneca launched an interactive, fully trackable e-learning program to train account directors across the United States.
Cambridge, UK


Jenny Allen is the director of the Market Access training team at AstraZeneca, a British-Swedish biopharmaceutical company. While the company maintains an extensive training team for its pharmaceutical sales reps, its B2B Market Access account directors needed a more specialized and strategic approach to training. To create more formal training support for these account directors, Jenny took the lead on finding a tool that would allow for specific and scalable training. She and her new team were made responsible for the training of 300 AstraZeneca account directors spread out across the U.S which made face-to-face training an organizational nightmare. Jenny knew she had to provide online and centralized training to accommodate the needs of employees in these different locations.


To establish an effective online training program, Jenny first had to overcome a few challenges with the way training was being created and distributed. In these locations, teams were stuck in a PowerPoint mentality. Not only was PowerPoint training disengaging, but it also was not scalable given the high volume of material and the fast-paced changes in the industry. The training was also not compliant with company policies as there was no way to certify that account directors had completed the training. Furthermore, working within a limited budget, Jenny knew outsourcing content creation would be too expensive. In order to create a scalable and company-wide training process, Jenny sought an e-learning authoring solution.  


Consciously accounting for the areas where their training could be improved, Jenny and her team decided on Easygenerator for their e-learning authoring tool. Using it as a one-stop solution for their content creation, the team was able to fully cater to the Market Access team’s training needs. With the support received from Easygenerator, it was not long before Jenny and her team were onboarded and creating effective learning content. This interactive and engaging content was much different from what the account directors had experienced with PowerPoint, and it was well-received. The team noticed that both participation and completion increased, and it was easy to monitor this with built-in results tracking. Best of all, being able to create content in-house with Easygenerator, as opposed to outsourcing, saved Jenny and her team both time and money.


Jenny and her team successfully use Easygenerator to centralize training, make engaging and interactive content, and get feedback from learners to improve their courses. They are achieving better learning outcomes than ever. The team has gone from zero tracking to having complete transparency over the participation of their course content. With her small team, Jenny has managed to save AstraZeneca $200,000 in 2018 alone by creating content in-house. The result is high-quality content at a fraction of the price. Jenny is now working in a new role at Astrazeneca as the Communications and Training Director for the Market Access Marketing group.

How AstraZeneca did it

When they first signed up to Easygenerator, AstraZeneca onboarded a small team under Jenny’s leadership to create custom training materials. The experience allowed subject matter experts and other stakeholders at the company to realize how easy it was to transform pre-existing PowerPoint presentations into interactive, engaging, and trackable e-learning content. Jenny’s success was showcased internally, and this enabled her to get buy-in from other teams. AstraZeneca has continued to use Easygenerator since then, implementing it with more teams and departments.

Jenny Allen
Market Access Excellence Director
"The beauty of Easygenerator is the ease with which you can use it."
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