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E-learning Pioneers 2023: Why AI video is a secret weapon for L&D teams

Nov 29, 2023

30 minutes

YouTube video
What will you learn?
Why is video a critical component of learning and development for today's employees?
How can L&D teams reinvent the way they train a global workforce with the help of AI video while saving time and resources?
Why is an ethical approach to building breakthrough AI technology critical during this time of rapid development?
Steffen Tjerrild
COO, CFO & Co-founder of
Steffen Tjerrild is the co-founder, COO & CFO of Synthesia, where he leads the go-to-market, operations and finance functions. He previously worked as an investment manager in a regional PE/VC firm in Zambia, Sub-Saharan Africa. He is originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, where he studied MSc Applied Economics and Finance at Copenhagen Business School and Stanford University.
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