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What is a hotspot question?

Elevate your e-learning interactivity with the power of imagery. Use hotspot questions to turn a simple image into an engaging learning experience.

4 min. read • Sera Özkıvanç

Dive into the interactive world of e-learning with hotspot questions, where images aren’t just visual aids but gateways to deeper understanding. This question type transforms static pictures into interactive canvases, making learning informative and engaging.

What is a hotspot question?

Hotspot questions (also known as hotspot on image questions) are a dynamic element in e-learning that turn parts of an image into clickable areas, revealing additional information, hints, or questions when interacted with. They serve a dual purpose: enhancing learner engagement through interaction and providing a deeper dive into content without clear imagery.

This is what a hotspot question looks like:

Benefits of hotspot questions

Incorporating hotspot questions in e-learning courses offers numerous benefits:

Increases engagement

The interactive nature of hotspot questions keeps learners active and involved in their learning process.

Enhances retention

By actively engaging with content, learners are more likely to remember and understand complex information.

Supports exploratory learning

Hotspots encourage learners to explore images and concepts at their own pace, leading to deeper learning experiences.

Adapts to various learning styles

Visual learners, in particular, will benefit from this interactive approach to image-based content.

How to create hotspot questions

You might think crafting a hotspot question sounds complex, but it’s far from it! With Easygenerator, setting up hotspot questions is straightforward and quick, taking less than a minute. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start by selecting the “Hotspot Question” from the left-hand menu and add it to your section.
  2. Enter a question title and provide instructions for your learners.
  3. Upload a background image. A width of 880px is recommended for optimal display, and the image should be less than 5MB to ensure smooth loading.
  4. To create a hotspot, click on the image and drag to select the area of interest. You can set the question for a single correct answer or allow multiple selections.
  5. Finally, input feedback for both correct and incorrect responses to guide your learners’ understanding.

Tips for creating effective hotspot questions

Creating compelling hotspot questions involves more than just selecting areas on an image. Here are some tips for crafting questions that not only engage but also educate:

Choose the right images

Select clear, high-quality images that directly relate to your learning objectives. Overly complex or irrelevant images can confuse learners.

Define clear hotspots

Make sure each hotspot serves a clear purpose, whether it’s to reveal additional information, ask a question, or provide context.

Limit to five hotspots

Add a maximum of five hotspots per image. Any more than that may confuse or overwhelm learners.

Provide instant feedback

This tip applies to all quizzes or assessments: offer immediate feedback to help learners understand their mistakes and learn from them.

Test for usability

Ensure that hotspots are easily clickable, especially on mobile devices, and that the information they reveal is displayed clearly and concisely.


Hotspot questions are a powerful tool in your L&D arsenal. They offer a fresh way to engage learners and deepen their understanding of complex subjects. By incorporating hotspot questions into your e-learning, you’ll create more engaging, informative, and effective courses.

About the author

Sera Özkıvanç is the content manager at Easygenerator. Over the last four years, she’s written marketing content for various SaaS brands around the world. These days, she’s doing her best to embrace the rainy weather in Rotterdam.

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