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6 time-saving tricks to create interactive e-learning
Jan 18, 2022
4pm CET/10am EST | 30 minutes

In this free webinar, we’ll share six tips for creating top-notch interactive e-learning content quickly. You’ll learn to make strategic content decisions to deliver value for your learnersas well as how to maximize Easygenerator as a time-saving authoring tool.

Joni Toonen
Head of Customer Success
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What will you learn?
Steps to follow and useful questions to ask yourself before you start creating your e-learning content
Practical tips to utilize during the creation process to maximize time and ensure quality is maintained
How to leverage existing e-learning content in your future e-learning to save time having to recreate content
Joni Toonen
Head of Customer Success
Joni is Head of Customer Success at Easygenerator. She is responsible for ensuring Easygenerator's customers are effectively using the tool and stay up-to-date with the latest e-learning trends.
Who is this for?
Easygenerator's webinars are designed for anyone who has an interest in the topic. While some of our webinars are designed more for Easygenerator users, we are sure to include valuable tips and best practices that are useful for anyone looking to create great e-learning courses.
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