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Panel discussion: What is the future of corporate training?

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What will you learn?
With changes in the work environment and how training is conducted, what is the future of corporate training?
How can you implement a successful training strategy and how did you do it in your organization?
What impact can the right training strategy have and what impact have you seen it has had in your organization?
Michiel Brandt
Global L&D Manager at SHV Energy
Michiel Brandt is the Global Learning & Development Manager at SHV Energy located in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. As Global L&D Manager, Michiel is responsible for translating SHV's corporate strategy into Development Programmes hereby serving both their business units as well as SHV Energy as a group.
Cecilie Tystad
Training Director Sales & Service at Electrolux
Cecilie Tystad has long experience in L&D from global companies Ericsson, Sandvik, and the last 5 years at Electrolux, heading the European training function for all customers, service partners, and their own sales & service employees. Cecilie’s mission at Electrolux is to maximize business impact through training, moving from a face-to-face training environment to being fully digital.
Bart Looije
Manager Learning Development at Robeco
Bart Looije is Head of Learning & Development at Robeco, an asset management firm based in Rotterdam. After a career in sports (participated in 2 Olympics, as a player and as a coach) his passion for people and team dynamics came together in L&D field. At Robeco, with his team, he structured the L&D activities and introduced various programs to expand on the talents and skills across all employees at all levels within an organization.
Frédéric Hebert
Head of Digital Learning at Danone
Frédéric has been working in the Digital Learning Landscape for over a decade. He has previously held similar roles at Renault, General Electric, and Alstom. Prior to moving to learning Frédéric has been working in the digital and IT world in various companies. Frédéric holds a Master's Degree in Computer Sciences specialized in Human and Computers interaction.
Louise Puddifoot (Moderator)
Learning & Development Expert
Louise Puddifoot served as the VP of Talent Development at Nielsen, where she restructured the company's L&D efforts by implementing an Employee-Generated Learning model. She continues to share her L&D expertise as an independent consultant, and coaches scaleups through her own firm.
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