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3 costly e-learning errors all L&D professionals must avoid

The advantages of high-quality online learning for employees, teams, and training professionals are well-documented. Yet, there are a number of mistakes well-meaning L&D practitioners commonly make which can seriously undermine the effectiveness of your organization’s e-learning.

Kasper Spiro
avoid e-learning errors

Mistake #1: Your e-learning content isn’t adaptable

Your course material needs to keep pace with how the industry is evolving. Content which was relevant a year ago can now seem hopelessly out-of-touch and irrelevant. The substance of your courses should, therefore, be easily adaptable to meet the changing realities of your organization, industry, and employees.

Your e-learning platform also requires an adaptability that takes into account the learning preferences of your employees. After all, learners expect to be able to choose from a range of course materials which suit their individual style.

The best way to do this is by choosing a course authoring tool that offers a range of smartly structured courses – designed entirely around the needs of modern learners.

Mistake #2: Your e-learning isn’t accessible enough

From the sales rep riding the subway, to the executive on their business trip – many of your learners are on the go a lot of the time. With remote working on the rise and the 9-to-5 culture on the decline, accessibility has become an important factor in determining the effectiveness of your e-learning offer.

Unless your authoring tool allows employees to access content anywhere and anytime, engagement rates will remain low – as will the effectiveness of your online learning strategy.

Given the wide variety of mobile devices and operating systems, your workers also need to be able to access content regardless of the platform they use. This means your authoring tool needs to automatically adapt content to fit the screen and the device’s system requirements.

Mistake #3: You don’t allow others to collaborate

E-learning can significantly boost employee engagement in your organization – especially if the content creation process is a collaborative one.

Indeed, collaboration and social learning are vital components when it comes to online course development. Teamwork improves the quality of your courses because it gives others a chance to add their expertise and quality assure their content. The process of jointly creating a course also improves communication and increases levels of engagement within the team and the wider organization.

This type of Employee-generated Learning (EGL) comes highly recommended by learning professionals. It allows employees to take part in knowledge sharing which strengthens their status as an expert in a particular field.

As an L&D professional, you’ll also save time and money no longer having to train individual colleagues or having to repeat the same information. Best of all, the whole organization benefits from having nurtured a sharing and supportive work environment.

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