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What is on-demand training and how to get started

The world is at our fingertips. Or so it feels that way. We can have groceries at our door in minutes, or a new TV delivered the next day. We are used to getting what we want when we want it. Why shouldn’t training be the same? In our quickly evolving world, companies are seeing the increasing need for on-demand training. So, what is on-demand training and why should you be providing it for your employees?

Molly Brooks

What is on-demand training?

On-demand training is a strategy that makes training available to learners anytime and anywhere. Also referred to as just-in-time training or asynchronous learning, this strategy has been around in the corporate training space for a while. But, in a world that is increasingly shifting to remote work, companies are feeling more pressure to provide on-demand training to their employees.

With on-demand e-learning, employees can access and study new content at a time and pace of their choosing. Often, this takes place in their moment of need. In these cases, employees can then implement their new knowledge right away, allowing them to retain 90% of what they just learned.

For a more in-depth look at this type of learning model, read our article to learn more about asynchronous learning.

Benefits of on-demand training

While the statistic of learners retaining 90% of the information they learned when using on-demand training may already be convincing enough, let’s explore the other benefits of this strategy:

  • It increases engagement

    Think about it: when something is on your own initiative, aren’t you more inclined to do it well and immerse yourself in it fully? The same goes for training. When employees can take control of their own learning and do it at a time that suits them, they are more likely to be engaged with the training. Additionally, they will be able to put their learning into practice right away, which will help them retain and utilize the information better. This is a win for both the learner and Learning & Development teams.

  • It’s specific to your organization

    Learners today are used to having everything at their fingertips. If they have a question or want to learn something new, they can look it up on the internet immediately. In fact, 70% of your employees will most likely turn to the internet to find the bit of information they need. But don’t you want this information to be specific to your organization? With on-demand training, you can be sure that the information your employees are accessing is unique to your organization and will give them accurate solutions in their time of need.

  • It saves costs

    If you haven’t already experienced it yourself, face-to-face or “instructor-led” training is expensive and time-consuming. On-demand training tackles both challenges. First, a tool that allows you to create on-demand e-learning is significantly less than the cost of face-to-face training. Secondly, on-demand training takes up about 5% of allocated training hours for employees. So, since time is money, additional costs are saved. As a bonus, when employees get the proper training it can bring even more benefits to the organization, often monetarily.

How to implement on-demand training in your organization

So, you’re convinced of the benefits of on-demand training and now you want to get started with it in your organization. Here are a few important steps you can take to ensure a successful launch:

  • Get an on-demand learning platform

    The key to setting up a successful on-demand training strategy is having the right tools in place. You want to make sure that it is as easy as possible to create, share, and track your training. There are several platforms on the market that make the process of creating just-in-time resources seamless and straightforward. And with the right tool and proper integrations, employees will be able to access these resources in their time of need. A tool like Easygenerator, for example, can be a perfect first step in this direction.

  • Involve your team

    Your on-demand training will be most effective when you have others on board. Ask other managers in the company to get involved in creating resources for their team. With the right tool and an explanation of the benefits, it can be easy to get others excited about creating on-demand training for their team. And be sure to spread the word. Let employees know that they will have access to company-specific knowledge in their time of need and show them where they can find it so it’s easy to access.

  • Make use of data and feedback

    To take your on-demand training to the next level, data and feedback should become your best friend. Pay attention to the training that has the highest completion rates and make more training like this. For those that are not as popular, understand whether they can be improved or if the content is not necessary. When it comes to feedback, your learners will provide the most valuable insights. Listen to what they like and dislike to help fill the gaps in your data. This will improve the experience for the learner, but also increase engagement with your content.

Create on-demand training with Easygenerator

With a user-friendly authoring tool like Easygenerator, it’s easy to create on-demand training content for your team. As the right tool is the backbone of an effective on-demand learning strategy, Easygenerator is the perfect first step in this direction. With How-to and Checklist creators, creating just-in-time resources for your team is easier than ever.

Easygenerator is built for subject-matter experts. This means you can put anyone on your team at the helm to create on-demand resources for your team.

Meet your learners where they are by launching your on-demand training strategy with Easygenerator.