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Optimize your e-learning with the learner satisfaction survey

“The [learner satisfaction] survey has yielded some great information that enabled us to hone what we do within Easygenerator and make it more effective.” – Jenny Allen, Market Access Marketing Communications and Training Strategy Director at AstraZeneca

Danielle Agass
NPS survey

When it comes to the effectiveness of your e-learning course, assessment results can only tell you so much. So we added the learner satisfaction survey to Easygenerator, which provides you with useful feedback from your learners with a net promoter score (NPS).

As well as the NPS feature, you can ask learners for open feedback at the end of each module. This will provide you with relevant and current feedback about your learning content to help you to optimize your e-learning.

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What is NPS?

Originating from the world of software development, an NPS survey asks one simple question: “Would you recommend this product to a friend?”. The respondent then gives a score from 1-10. A score from 1-6 is a detractor (they wouldn’t recommend your course), 7-8 is passive (they will not actively promote or complain about your course), and 9-10 is a promoter (the learner will actively promote your course). Based on these scores, you receive an overall NPS score. This is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. A score above 0 is good, 50+ is excellent, and 70+ is world-class.

Why include a learner satisfaction survey?

This feedback can provide you with insights on how engaging your learners found your content, how helpful, and/or provide suggestions on how to optimize your e-learning. Providing feedback also stimulates learner interaction, a proven ingredient of successful learning programs.

Here’s how AstraZeneca used learner feedback:

“We were rolling out these animated videos, and every week the learners would have another one. When we looked at the feedback from the first few, someone said it would be great if you could give us a storyboard where we could take notes from every scene. So as a result, the first thing we upload is a PDF they can print out and take notes on as they go through the module. People have loved that. It helps them stay grounded in what’s happening on the screen, and they’re able to take notes as they go.”

By including the NPS feature, you’re able to gather quantitative data on engagement levels, allowing you to make data-informed decisions about the success of your course. Combining this with qualitative data from open feedback questions helps you create a complete picture, allowing you to make improvements and optimize your e-learning content.

How do I add a learner satisfaction survey in Easygenerator?

As with everything in Easygenerator, it’s easy. Simply go to the Configure tab, General Settings section and enable Conduct learner satisfaction survey.

Learners Satisfaction Survey

To view the results of the survey, go to the Engagement section of the Results tab.

To learn more about the learner satisfaction survey, check out our helpful guide.

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