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Jan Kees de Jager named CEO of Easygenerator

Kasper Spiro is stepping down as CEO of Easygenerator but will continue as the company’s Chief Learning Strategist. Jan Kees de Jager will succeed him as CEO starting January 2022.

Alexandra Hemmer

After 11 years of serving as Easygenerator’s CEO, Kasper Spiro has announced that he will be stepping down in favor of a new role: Chief Learning Strategist in our company. Jan Kees de Jager, who was CEO of the company that founded Easygenerator, will succeed him in January 2022.

The transition is due to multiple reasons. Having led the company by wearing many different hats, Kasper has discovered where his passion lies: e-learning thought leadership, customer success, and building a great product. These are the topics he’ll be focusing on in his new role.

“I’m looking forward to making this step, I will be focusing on those elements of my work that allow me to bring the most value to the company,” he says.

Moreover, the company is projected to surpass €1 million in Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) next year. To further expand, Easygenerator welcomes the financial and entrepreneurial expertise of Jan Kees de Jager, who has been the company’s president in the last years.

Having also previously served as the Minister of Finance in the Netherlands and as the CFO of Dutch telecom giant, KPN, Jan Kees is ready to take the scale-up to its next level.

“First of all, many thanks to Kasper for his inspiring role in the multiple years he has led Easygenerator, and for the impact he has made with his thought leadership. I am excited to support Easygenerator and our management team to accelerate our growth and further innovate and expand our products and markets,” he says.

Easygenerator has been providing cloud-based authoring software since 2013. With the user-friendly platform, employees are empowered to quickly create engaging learning content instead of relying on traditional training solutions; an approach coined by Easygenerator as Employee-Generated Learning (EGL). The Rotterdam- and Dubai-based company has more than 1300 customers in over 50 countries, with notable clients such as PepsiCo, Unilever, Walmart, and DHL.

About the author

Alexandra Hemmer is a copywriter at Easygenerator. Originally from Singapore, she spent her higher education years in the U.S. where she kickstarted a career in content marketing and journalism. She currently resides in the Netherlands, embracing her Dutch-Indonesian roots.