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How to make compliance training fun and engaging in 6 easy steps

Running compliance training is extremely important. But that doesn’t mean employees are jumping out of their seats to take it. We’ve prepared some tips to help make your compliance training more fun and engaging so that you can facilitate a meaningful learning experience.

2 min. read • Alexandra Hemmer

What is compliance training?

Compliance training is mandatory. Organizations across industries are required to run compliance training programs in order to maintain a safe and ethical workplace. Some examples of these programs include anti-harassment training, information security training (HIPPA), and workplace safety training (OSHA).

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Still, that doesn’t mean employees are jumping out of their seats to take it. Compliance can feel like an abstract and even boring topic. And it doesn’t help that it’s mandated. Yet, if employees aren’t inspired to take it, organizations could miss out on an opportunity to provide a meaningful learning experience on an important topic. That makes it all the more essential for Learning & Development teams to make compliance training fun and engaging.

So, ready to discover how to make compliance training fun? We’ve got some tips.

6 tips to make compliance training more engaging and fun

To make compliance training more fun, there are several important tips to keep in mind:

  • Deliver content in bite-sized chunks

    Attention spans online are short, and they’re only getting shorter. That means one of the most important things you can do is keep your content brief and easy to consume. Aside from keeping sentences and paragraphs short, break your training content up into multiple sections. That way, your learners aren’t bombarded with a ton of information upfront and can process it in bite-sized chunks instead.

  • Include a variety of content elements

    But it’s not all about keeping your text short. Text-heavy content also risks losing your learners’ attention. That’s why we recommend adding images and videos. Not only does visual content break up long bodies of text, but it also appeals to different learning styles. Images can be a great way to summarize points, while videos appeal to multiple senses at once – audio and visual.

  • Make it interactive

    Besides diversifying your content elements, it’s also important to offer an interactive learning experience. That’s what distinguishes an engaging online learning experience from a static PowerPoint presentation. Many organizations leverage gamification for a fun compliance training program. Choose-your-own-adventure scenarios, for example, allow learners to explore the consequences of their actions through immersive digital narratives.

    Interactive quizzes and exercises also invite learners to participate in the training program by drawing from their newly acquired knowledge. As a result, it also helps reiterate new concepts for learners, increasing their chances of internalizing the training. With an authoring tool like Easygenerator, you’ll have access to 10 different interactive question types, ranging from multiple-choice to fill-in-the-blank exercises. You can even add interactive images. Learn how to use gamification to enhance your e-learning content.

  • Provide real-life examples

    One of the fastest roads to a boring training experience is if learners don’t consider the content relevant. To beat that risk, provide real-life examples to help your employees draw a connection between the training content and their professional situations. Again, choose-your-own-adventure narratives are a great way to provide examples while making compliance training fun. But it’s about including the right scenarios. Consider your employees’ roles, their departments, and the industry you’re in. If examples are irrelevant or too far-fetched, the training is less likely to come off as a meaningful learning opportunity.

  • Keep your training content up to date

    Another way to keep your compliance training content relevant is to update it over time. Laws may evolve over time. So will job descriptions, workplace policies, and social trends. For these reasons, it’s important to monitor your content over time to ensure it continuously reflects the latest rules and employee expectations.

    Using a cloud-based authoring tool like Easygenerator, updating published content is easy. Just make your changes and publish them. No need to re-share the link to your course.

  • Offer training in different formats

    Finally, remember that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to learning. While some people may prefer reading contextual information and answering test questions, others may prefer to learn through videos or even games. The best format might even depend on your employees’ roles and departments. Regardless, empowering your employees to choose how they learn can help make something mandatory much more inviting.

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Create your compliance training program with Easygenerator

Creating fun compliance training content doesn’t have to be difficult. With a user-friendly authoring tool like Easygenerator, you can empower subject matter experts throughout your organization to create compliance training themselves.

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