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Creating engaging, effective and didactically-sound courses is probably your main priority when it comes to creating e-learning, but tracking how your learners are doing comes a close second. After all, if your learners are failing the course or certain questions, then perhaps your course isn’t effectively imparting the key learnings. But how do you track your learners’ results?

By Danielle Agass on Jul 23rd

results tracking

As an authoring tool, Easygenerator helps you to easily create engaging and effective content, but it also helps you track your learners’ results. Here’s what you need to know.

SCORM, XAPI, AICC, CMI5, what do you need?

How you track and trace learner results will also be key in choosing an LMS or authoring tool. There are four main format options for tracking and tracing:


The most well-known of all tracking and tracing options available on the market today is SCORM. SCORM is a standard within the world of e-learning and enables the tracking and tracing of learners’ results within an LMS.


XAPI is short for ‘eXperience API’. The term API stands for a technique that enables software to exchange certain information. Where SCORM only looks at learner’s results, XAPI takes it one step further and looks at a learner’s experience. It will keep track of all learning experiences and store them within an LRS (learning record store). The big advantage of this method is that an LRS can exist both within the classic LMS and on its own. This allows for more flexibility on both the authors and the learners’ side. The course/quiz can be hosted on a blog, a website or even in an app on your smartphone.


Another standard for tracking and tracing results is AICC. Although it is not as well known within the e-learning world as SCORM, it has actually been around the longest and dates back to 1993. At the moment it is mainly used within the world of aviation and some other technical industries. It works on the same basic principle of tracking and tracing learners results (not their experience).


Cmi5 is the newest e-learning specification. It was officially released for production use in 2016 to complement the Experience API (XAPI), particularly when using XAPI in a traditional e-learning environment. It works as a set of rules providing all the options of both SCORM and XAPI merged into one.

How do you track results in Easygenerator?

You can track results within the Easygenerator app in the Gradebook, via your custom LRS, or by publishing your Easygenerator course to your LMS – Easygenerator courses are SCORM-compliant. As standard, Easygenerator uses XAPI for tracking and tracing.

Watch this short video for a quick overview of how to track results in Easygenerator:

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Adjusting results tracking settings

To adjust results tracking settings, go to Configure > Results Tracking.

User tracking in Easygenerator

  1. Results tracking: if enabled, learners will be asked to enter their e-mail and name so that the system can identify them and keep track of their progress. This setting does not affect results tracking if you run your course via LMS.
  2. Allow user to skip tracking and tracing: if enabled, learners can take the course anonymously meaning that their progress won’t be reported.
  3. Allow scoring of content pages: if enabled, learners will get points for visiting content pages. While disabled, only questions have an impact on the course progress.
  4. Mastery score: to pass a course successfully, learners have to get this score per overall course or per each section. Learn more here.

Under the Advanced settings reporting to Easygenerator is selected by default. You don’t need to adjust the advanced settings unless you’re willing to report to a custom LRS (see below).


If learners’ results are reported to Easygenerator, you can see them under Results tab > Gradebook. In the Gradebook, for each individual learner, you can check the overall course score and results per section and question.

The easygenerator Gradebook

For more information about tracking results in Easygenerator, click here.

Reporting to your custom LRS

To report learners’ results to your custom LRS, go to the Configure tab > Results Tracking > Advanced settings and opt for Custom LRS.

You can create custom LRS reportings with Easygenerator

First, you need to set up your own Learning Record Store (LRS) such as Scorm Cloud, Saltbox, etc.

Under Advanced Settings, choose Report to Custom LRS option, and specify the LRS URL.

Authentication is used to specify the login and password of the Learning Activity Provider (LAP). Learning Activity Provider is actually the course that reports statements. In some cases, LRS requires LAP to be authenticated in order to post statements. Thus, if such a requirement exists in your LRS, specify the correct LAP login and password.

You can select the learning activity statements which will be sent to the target LRS:

  • Started: when a learner opens the course and enters their credentials.
  • Passed: when the course is completed with an overall progress of 100%.
  • Answered: when a learner answers a question.
  • Mastered: a score per learning objective.
  • Progressed: when a question is answered to indicate the current overall score.
  • Experienced: when a learner visits a content page.

Make sure to update/republish the course to apply the latest changes to the settings.

For more information about results tracking via your custom LRS, click here.

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