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Electrolux & Easygenerator win Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Award

In order to meet growing training needs spread across multiple countries, Electrolux decided to move to a blended learning approach for its product training. Easygenerator supported Electrolux in this mission by enabling trainers to capture their knowledge and expertise as e-learning. For this, Electrolux and Easygenerator have been awarded the Brandon Hall “Excellence in Learning Award 2019”.

Kasper Spiro
Brandon Hall Award 2019

To remain competitive in the high-stakes appliances market, Electrolux must continually develop and release innovative new products and service concepts. This requires in-store training for the tens of thousands of store personnel across Europe.

With training needs expanding, instead of continuing to provide face-to-face training sessions for thousands of its resellers’ sales and support personnel, Electrolux turned to Easygenerator to help launch a highly successful blended learning program. This blended approach is faster, cheaper and more scalable than the face-to-face approach.

The trainers did not have any experience in creating e-learning, but with Easygenerator, a zero-learning curve authoring tool, they were able to transition from a classroom training set up to create effective learning resources in a short time.

Electrolux embraced the Easygenerator philosophy of Employee-generated Learning which enables anyone (without a didactic background) to create e-learning content. In this specific case, it meant that the 80 trainers were enabled to capture their own knowledge and transform it into e-learning courses. Using Easygenerator they created more than 1000 new training courses. They now offer playlists of learning that cater to the individual partner’s needs. With Easygenerator at hand, trainers can now take full responsibility to make sure that everything in the course is created according to the local market’s needs and content is kept up to date.

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Here are some of the other advantages Electrolux found working with Easygenerator:

  • Easygenerator supports mobile learning: “We wouldn’t have chosen Easygenerator if it was not mobile responsive.”
  • User-friendly: “With Easygenerator, our trainers could use the tool straight away – no complications, no PowerPoint with voiceover type of interactions (this is not engaging). The tool is quite easy and professional to use.”
  • Faster content creation and distribution: “Our trainers could create and distribute content in-house at a speed and pace they wanted as per the local market needs.”
  • Enables collaborative creation: “Our trainers use the co-authoring and review features a lot because they have to consult with other business units often to make sure their content is correct. Easygenerator makes the reviewing process seamless. It saves us lots of time and resources.”
  • Create engaging content: “With built-in tools like the Learning Objective Maker, Easygenerator helps the training staff at Electrolux create truly engaging content. Plus, it offers Net Promoter Scoring (NPS), which gives learners a channel for providing feedback on what they thought of the content.”
  • Customizable: “Easygenerator was able to accommodate all customizations according to our branding needs.”

We at Easygenerator are very proud of winning this award for the second year in a row and we want to thank the Electrolux team, led by Eva Eriksson, for the great collaboration and blended learning program that made this possible.

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