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Why you should be creating Microlearning and how to do it
Mar 1, 2022
45 minutes

Microlearning is one of the hottest trends in e-learning right now. Organizations not only need to know what microlearning is, but also how to create microlearning and what best practices to employ. This free webinar by Easygenerator answers all these questions.

Joni Toonen
Chief Customer Success Officer
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What will you learn?
Learn about what Microlearning is and why it is one of the biggest learning trends in 2021
Find out the different types of Microlearning and when to use each type for your learning needs
Discover how to get started quickly and easily creating Microlearning content for your employees
Joni Toonen
Chief Customer Success Officer
Joni is Chief Customer Success Officer at Easygenerator. She is responsible for ensuring Easygenerator's customers are effectively using the tool and stay up-to-date with the latest e-learning trends.
Who is this for?
Easygenerator's webinars are designed for anyone who has an interest in the topic. While some of our webinars are designed more for Easygenerator users, we are sure to include valuable tips and best practices that are useful for anyone looking to create great e-learning courses.
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