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Automatically translate your Easygenerator courses

With our new Amazon AWS integration, Easygenerator authors can now automatically translate courses to 75 languages with just a few simple clicks.

Inês Pinto

With Easygenerator, you now have a faster and more cost-effective way to translate your e-learning courses. With our new Amazon AWS integration, all it takes is a few clicks to automatically translate your courses into more than 75 languages including German, French, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and more. (Check out the full list of supported languages here.)

This feature is available as an add-on for existing Easygenerator customers and can be added to any Teams or Enterprise plans for new customers. Contact our team to start testing the auto-translation feature with a free trial today.

Effectively localize e-learning for all regions

Our experts created a free ebook with the concrete benefits and steps involved in the localization process.

The impact of e-learning localization

Studies have shown that people are more engaged, learn faster, and with a higher rate of knowledge retention when training content is provided in their preferred language.

But for global enterprises with regional offices all around the world, translating e-learning courses can quickly become a time-consuming and even expensive undertaking with the need to rely on external agencies or internal resources to manually translate and localize content. Now, Easygenerator authors can automate this process with just a few clicks.

When you translate and localize your e-learning courses, you can effectively eliminate language and cultural barriers that are often present in traditional e-learning approaches. Additionally, localization makes it possible to create consistency across your entire company so that all your employees, regardless of their respective language or culture, receive the same message and instructional content. When your e-learning training courses promote a sense of diversity and inclusion, everyone feels empowered. This, in turn, has a positive impact on the ROI of your e-learning program.

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About the author

Inês Pinto is the content manager at Easygenerator. Originally from Portugal, she grew up in Canada and the US before returning to Europe to complete her university studies. She currently resides in Rotterdam with her husband, daughter, and two dogs.