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CEO Webinar Series: The power of Employee-generated Learning

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What will you learn?
What is Employee-generated Learning and why is it a powerful tool for L&D teams?
How is Employee-generated Learning the answer to current and future learning trends?
How to implement and make the most of Employee-generated Learning at your organization
Kasper Spiro
Co-founder & Chief Learning Strategist, Easygenerator
Kasper Spiro is the Co-founder & Chief Learning Strategist at Easygenerator and a recognized thought leader in the world of e-learning. With over 30 years of experience, he is a frequently asked keynote speaker and well-renowned blogger within the e-learning community.
Who is this for?
Easygenerator's webinars are designed for anyone who has an interest in the topic. While some of our webinars are designed more for Easygenerator users, we are sure to include valuable tips and best practices that are useful for anyone looking to create great e-learning courses.
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