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Product update: April 2023

This month, our product team has worked hard to enhance your experience with Easygenerator. We’re happy to present new and improved features so you can keep providing the best learning experiences. 

Sera Özkıvanç

What’s new?

✔️ Accelerate your content creation with EasyAI
✔️ Create voice recordings
✔️ Download learners’ certificates from the gradebook
✔️ Certificates displaying course completion date

Accelerate content creation with EasyAI

Our AI widget, EasyAI, is live on the Easygenerator platform! It’s now easier than ever to create engaging e-learning content. 

EasyAI uses natural language processing and machine learning to analyze and optimize your text. This way, authors can quickly and easily: 

  • Simplify text by eliminating superfluous details 
  • Write compelling summaries from long pieces of text 
  • Automatically create bullet point lists to enhance readability 
  • Generate effective questions based on course content 

Currently, EasyAI is in a free beta–testing phase and can be available as an add-on feature to your plan. Sign up for the waitlist today! 


Create voice recordings 

We know how important it is to provide learners with engaging e-learning content. And voice recordings can play a crucial role in achieving that! That’s why we made it possible for authors to create voice recordings directly within the Easygenerator platform. This means that authors can now add voiceovers to their courses without any external software.

Download learners certificates 

We understand that keeping a record of learners certificates is essential for tracking progress. Previously, Easygenerator authors had to request the certificates from learners. Now, we added an option that allows authors to download them directly from the gradebook. For this option, authors must enable the “Allow users to download certificates” setting.

Certificates now show course completion date

Until now, certificates of completion displayed the download date. Based on your feedback, we’ve updated our certificate format to display the course completion date instead.

What’s next?

Want to know what’s next? We’re working hard to add new features to make it even easier for your organization to share knowledge.

Check our previous updates so you don’t miss out on exciting features and improvements.

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About the author

Sera Özkıvanç is a writer, marketer, and the resident content specialist at Easygenerator. Over the last four years, she’s written marketing content for various SaaS brands around the world. These days, she’s doing her best to embrace the rainy weather in Rotterdam.