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E-learning Pioneers 2023: Mastering prompt creation in ChatGPT: How to yield the most effective results

Nov 28, 2023

45 minutes

YouTube video
What will you learn?
What are techniques for structuring prompts to get the desired result?
What is a good balance between brevity and context?
How can you avoid mistakes that lead to suboptimal results?
Karthik Upadrasta
CTO and Co-Founder at GenZ Technologies
Karthik Upadrasta is a seasoned Technology Professional. He is relentless in the pursuit of tailoring solutions that fulfil the exact requirement at hand and is proficient in technologies relating to AI, Cloud, Development, and DevOps. He is currently the CTO/Co-Founder at GenZ Technologies.
Abigail Fairest
Team Lead Customer Onboarding at Easygenerator
Abi is the Team Leader of Easygenerator’s Customer Onboarding Team. She and her team are responsible for onboarding, training, and advising e-learning course creators. Abi and her team help customers strengthen their training and projects effectively.
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