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E-learning Pioneers 2023: What does AI mean for your learning ecosystem?

Nov 28, 2023

45 minutes

YouTube video
What will you learn?
What impact can we expect AI to have on learning?
How will AI have an impact on learning tools such as LMSs, LXPs, and authoring tools?
How do you effectively incorporate AI into your e-learning strategy?
Kasper Spiro
Co-founder & Chief Learning Strategist, Easygenerator
Kasper Spiro is the Co-founder & Chief Learning Strategist at Easygenerator and a recognized thought leader in the world of e-learning. With over 30 years of experience, he is a frequently asked keynote speaker and well-renowned blogger within the e-learning community.
Louise Puddifoot (Moderator)
Learning & Development Expert
Louise Puddifoot served as the VP of Talent Development at Nielsen, where she restructured the company's L&D efforts by implementing an Employee-Generated Learning model. She continues to share her L&D expertise as an independent consultant, and coaches scaleups through her own firm.
Nelson Sivalingam
CEO and Co-founder of HowNow
Nelson Sivalingam is the CEO and Co-founder of HowNow, a learning platform providing employees with the resources they need, whenever they need them, wherever they are in the world. Based in London, UK, he is a Performance and Development Strategist, a frequent conference speaker and industry writer, and has also been named by KPMG as one of the top Asian Stars in Tech.
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