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Easygenerator wins 2019 Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Award

We’re proud to announce that Easygenerator has won the silver 2019 Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Award for Best Advance in Technology for Testing or Learning Evaluation.

Kasper Spiro
Brandon Hall Tech Award 2019

December 5, Delray Beach, Florida – We were awarded this prize for our work with BHP Billiton in migrating them from a traditional assessment strategy to an Employee-Generated Learning (EGL) approach.

BHP is a multinational mining, metals, and petroleum company. Faced with inflexible, complex, time-consuming, and expensive traditional authoring tools and external vendors, the L&D team needed to find a better solution for their compliance training and assessments.

Easygenerator partnered with BHP to understand their business challenges and help them migrate from their traditional assessment strategy to an Employee-Generated Learning model. As part of this model, trainers or subject matter experts without an e-learning or training background are empowered to create their own assessments/learning evaluation without depending on external vendors or complex e-learning tools or training experts.

Addressing authoring pain points

At Easygenerator we needed to solve BHP’s pain points:

  • Most trainers considered complex authoring tools to be difficult, and time and cost-consuming for creating interactive assessments.
  • Due to the dynamic content updates on safety regulations and operational procedures, subject matter experts and trainers need to update and review the content rapidly and frequently, without a dependency on tools or vendors.
  • L&D wanted the trainers and subject matter experts to collaborate while creating assessments and training resources because, if the author is on vacation or quits, having multiple authors access the content minimizes disruption.
  • Given that the learning content was for compliance purposes, it was important to track employees’ performance and completion.

A product built for subject matter experts

We worked closely with BHP to align product development with the client’s functionality needs. This resulted in the following product enhancements to support employee and trainer-generated assessments:

  • Rapid set up without any installation: As the product is cloud-based, there are no downloads or plugins involved. Users can simply access the product on their browser and start using it without any lengthy setup or onboarding.
  • Low learning curve: As the product is meant for SMEs, the assessment features were designed with equal caution to cater to non-didactic audiences, and hence the learning curve is quite low and doesn’t require any training.
  • Rapid authoring and ease of use for busy users: As the SaaS product is intended for SMEs/Trainers instead of instructional designers, the authors can simply log in and start using the minimalist features straight away. They can instantly focus on creating questions, without having to worry about design or layout issues.
  • Collaborative quiz creation and review: The tool seamlessly allows multiple team members to collaborate on creating an assessment. Co-authorship and peer-review options are a boon not just for trainers/SMEs, but also for L&D if they wish to create content together with the users. Besides co-authoring, users could request for external reviewers to review their assessment content, even if those reviewers do not have an Easygenerator account.
  • Didactic support: To help users create didactically effective assessments, Easygenerator has cherry-picked 11 question types that help evaluate both low order and high order thinking. In addition, the customer success teams host several learning events/resources in aid of the non-didactic and non-technical users.
  • Flexible publishing and sharing options (across various device types): Users can publish quizzes to the Easygenerator cloud or the company’s hosting, upload to the corporate LMS, embed it on their website or sell it via Coggno.
  • Customizable templates (also allow for rebranding): Using the Easygenerator tool, BHP can create its own look and feel to match its brand without any coding. Easygenerator’s development team works with the client to ensure a smooth process.
  • Credits through certificates: Upon completion of the assessment, learners can download a certificate and this accomplishment is updated on their LMS profile.
  • Admin functions (monitoring, tracking): BHP’s L&D team deploys an external LMS for reporting and tracking. Easygenerator integrates and sends the results directly to the LMS.

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Quick results

The number of authors grew 20-fold in less than a year. From 10 users at the start of 2019 to about 200 authors today.

Learners have reported reduced dependency on scheduled training programs. And thanks to the responsive content, employees were able to take assessments on tablets on mining sites.

“We have received good feedback from training teams – they can make changes themselves. They feel empowered because they can create their own training and assessments” (L&D Manager, BHP Billiton)

“I can’t be more excited about how intuitive and effective the tool is for inexperienced content design software users. Needs no expertise with tools.” (Easygenerator user at BHP)

Kasper Spiro (CEO Easygenerator): “We are always very pleased to win an award, it is a great recognition of our product. This award is quite special though as it’s the first time that we’ve received an award for the assessment capabilities of Easygenerator.”

Easygenerator has been providing cloud-based authoring software since 2013. Their easy-to-use platform empowers employees to quickly create their own engaging content, instead of having to rely on traditional training methods. The Rotterdam-based company has more than 50,000 users in over 150 countries. Its clients include companies like T-Mobile, Unilever, and Kellogg’s. Easygenerator has experienced more than 100% growth each year since 2013.

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