Use your PowerPoint as a starting point for an eLearning course

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67% of all new users of easygenerator’s Free, Starter and Plus Plan are now people with no background in instructional design. Teachers, trainers, subject matter experts and people who are working in HR departments. Many of them were working in PowerPoint and want to move beyond that. This is the reason we now added a PowerPoint import to all editions of easygenerator.

How do I import a PowerPoint

Well, it’s easy. When you are on the course page in easygenerator, just click the ‘New Course’ button. You now have an option to start a course from scratch or to import a PowerPoint.

New course dialog

If you want to create a course out of a PowerPoint choose ‘PowerPoint import’. You can then select a PowerPoint from your local machine and upload it. The PowerPoint will be automatically converted into a course and each slide will be a page. Each slide will automatically contain all the text and the images from your presentation. It doesn’t import graphs and other PowerPoint specific elements, but we will add that feature later.

How do I create a course from a PowerPoint?

An e-Learning course is very different than a presentation. So it’s just a quick starting point. Step one of course is to add your learning objectives, after that you need to add questions and rearrange your content. We recently created a course on how to design an eLearning course, it contains all the steps and instructions to get your eLearning to the next level and make your eLearning course more effective. Click here to start that course.

Help us to improve the PowerPoint import!

We really value your opinion so please let us know what you thought of the PowerPoint import! You can also help us by indicating which feature is most important to you or tell us what you think is still missing. We will use this information to set the priorities for our product development.


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Easygenerator’s Simple Course Template Customizable to any Language

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There are more than 6000 easygenerator users in 144 countries.  As a result, we’ve had frequent requests in the last few months to enable the translation of the default text in easygenerator.

I’m pleased to announce this functionality is now developed.

Now, in the Simple Course template, you can translate all default text elements from English to any language. This is how it works:

  1. Open the course in easygenerator.
  2. Go to the design tab
  3. Choose the template “Simple course’. (For now, the Simple Course template is the only one enabled with the translation option, the other templates will follow.)
  4. Scroll down and on the right side of the design tab you will find a table (interface language):
  5. Click on a pencil in the column value and you can change the text.
  6. Go to the top of the page and press the ‘apply’ button.



A short example

The default language is English. If, for example, I want to change it to Dutch, I just type in the Dutch translation. The second entry is ‘Start Course’. It will be shown in the introduction page of the course.


I type in the Dutch translation (Start cursus), press the apply button and run the course. The button is translated to Dutch. This means you can now translate the course template to any language..


Help us with translation and earn a free one-month subscription! 

We are looking for easygenerator users who want to help us create default translations. If you translate the Simple template to your language, we will give you a free subscription to the Plus Edition. Since we only need each language once, we will award this to the first person who responds for each language. We already have English, Dutch, Ukrainian and Chinese (mandarin). All other languages are welcome!

The next step is to make this feature available for the other templates. Then, we will add several default languages from which you’ll be able to choose the language you want, and you won’t need to complete the translation.


Looking back on Devlearn 2014

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I attended the DevLearn conference last week. As usual it was a very interesting conference with great keynotes and sessions. I had the privilege of presenting two sessions.   A concurrent session on: Trends leading to the end of the LMS, and I hosted a morning buzz discussion on WYSIWYG versus WYSIWYM.  A white paper based on the trend session is available to download.

I attended a lot of sessions and wrote quite a few posts. In this post I will give an overview of all the posts I wrote so you can decide which one you may want to read in its entirety.  Click on the title of any post to see the complete posting.

Morning buzz session on knowledge management

This session was an interesting discussion about knowledge management. A key outcome identified that an organization can’t manage knowledge but can facilitate it. To manage and facilitate knowledge successfully, an organization needs to use taxonomies (meta data) curation, and one central tool.

Keynote: Niel de Grasse Tyson: Science literacy and the future of work
The opening Keynote: Devlearn’s theme is exploring the new learning universe. Neill deGrasse Tyson is a scientist and he gave a great keynote. His message is quite simple: we need people who can solve problems and innovate. Our educational system (he was speaking mostly about the USA) is not focused on this at all. It is not about gaining knowledge but about learning how to think and solve problems. I created a small mind map with some of his quotes.

Session: Learning and performance ecosystems

This was a presentation given by Marc Rosenberg and Steve Foreman on ecosystems. It gave a good overview of the components and it served as a prelude to a Guild whitepaper due in November.

Session: Trends leading to the end of the LMS
This was my own session which was well attended and I enjoyed giving. I discussed eLearning trends I see that will rock our world. The disappearance of the LMS will not be the only consequence. It will include the way we create content, the content itself, the way we deliver it, the way we organize it — all this will change rapidly and fundamentally. This presentation is in the conference app for download, but it contains mostly images and a video. Easygenerator created a whitepaper with much more detailed information that you can download at

Keynote: Beau Lotto. How perception shapes the universe of the mind

DevLearn Day Two opening keynote.  Beau Lotto is a neuroscientist. He explained how the brain works and how assumptions will determine what we see or hear. Conclusion: Based on how the brain works the only way to really learn is through play!

Session: Craig Weiss: top 10 authoring tools of 2014
This was Craig’s overview of the authoring landscape, trends and his top10 picks. Unfortunately Easygenerator did not make his top 10 this year, but you can check us out yourself. Despite not being on the top 10, it was still a great and informative session. He does know the landscape well.

Session, Lisa Minogue: What organizations can learn from the MOOC experience
The speaker presented lessons learned from MOOCs that can be applied to corporate learning. One of the most interesting ideas is to reuse MOOCS content and wrap your corporate context around them.

Session: The impact of wearable technology on performance support
This session covered two hot topics: Wearable devices and performance support. David gave lots of examples with the warning that this is happening today, and to make sure you’re aware of it. It will come fast and will change our world, so start preparing. David has a page with all the details and more.

Morning buzz: WYSIWYG is dead
This was the session I hosted WYSIWYG versus WYSIWYM. In a WYSIWYG environment, as an author you work in an application that will show you the content in exactly the same way as the learner will see it. Instructional designers like this because it gives you control. You can determine exactly where something will be. But with the rise of mobile devices the responsive publications came. Now, publication software determines, based on the device and screen size, where to place content on the screen, so it will fit that screen. The question is what will we need in the future.

 Session. Transform users into contributors

This was a great presentation about filling the gap between the real world and our instructional design world. It talked about enabling users to create content instead of doing it all yourself. It was a thought provoking and inspiring session.

DevLearn evaluation

This is my ‘wrap up’ post. My conclusion is not positive. I see a growing gap between the audience (instructional designers and managers) and the presenters, and an even greater gap between the audience and the real business world.


How we keep 5000+ easygenerator users happy.

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Why every Easygenerator release is completely based on user feedback and data.

Easygenerator launched its cloud-based plans 10 months ago. While moving to the web was a milestone, we also changed how we develop the tool. We used to develop our roadmap based on industry trends and our intuitive, gut sense.  But since we launched the web plans, we have put users behind the easygenerator steering wheel. This user-centric development approach has increased user engagement.

Let’s break down how we continually improve easygenerator every day using several different tools and apps.  Read more »

Dev Learn 2014: Death of Corporate LMS

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DevLearn 2014: The death of the corporate LMS and WYSIWYG authoring

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DevLearn 2014 is fast approaching; in just less than three weeks it will start. our CEO Kasper Spiro will present two sessions at DevLearn. One concurrent session titled “Trends Leading to the End of the LMS” and one morning buzz session called “The Death of WYSIWYG Authoring?”

These titles make it seem that he is projecting doom for eLearning. But that’s not the case.  What it means is that we, in elearning, are in a period of fundamental change. All changes offer new opportunities but also create a downside with victims.  Kasper believes the LMS and WYSIWYG authoring will be the victims of some of these changes. Read more »


Easygenerator is looking for an Online Marketing Intern!

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Online Marketing Internship

Easygenerator is a young,  rapidly growing Internet business. Easygenerator provides cloud-based eLearning authoring software. It enables instructional designers and subject matter experts to create learning materials with  a high learning impact. The software is used by over 5,000 users in more than 120 countries, in corporations, not-for-profits, government agencies, and educational institutions.

What do we offer?

An exciting internship in a high growth company. You will be  a critical part of the team with  your own assigned tasks and responsibilities. You will be paid  an internship salary and compensation for expenses. Easygenerator has its offices in Rotterdam and Utrecht.

What are you going to do?

As the marketing intern, you will be involved  in various forms of marketing and communications, with a strong focus on online promotion. You will be responsible for executing the content strategy of  easygenerator (blogs, press releases and social media). You will coordinate the creation of new articles, write new blog articles or press releases, and manage the social media accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook).

You will also be assigned  a special project (to be determined  – such as, a contest, market research, or a whitepaper) that will help  easygenerator  gain  greater  market awareness.

Additionally,  you will support  email marketing and newsletter creation, and ensure content  optimization on  the easygenerator website.

Who are we looking for?

You’re an entrepreneurial student (university/polytechnic/HBO). You love writing, are curious and proactive: you do not wait to be tasked, but take initiative and ownership of duties and responsibilities. You have strong communication skills, a willingness to learn and  a commercial attitude.

You should be  available  at least 4 days a week. The internship is  six months and can start as of 1st of November 2014. Graduates looking for a job may also apply .

Intern requirements:

  • Knowledge of online marketing and social media,
  • Experience  writing (web) articles,
  • Excellent command of the English language, orally and written. Ideally a native speaker.
  • Affinity with eLearning.

Apply and contact

Reply with your CV plus why you’re interested in this position.  For more information, please contact Kasper Spiro (

We hope to meet you soon!

Sincerely, easygenerator

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Easygenerator’s new Feature: Content items

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Every 8 weeks, easygenerator updates its cloud based authoring tool with new functionality. This blog series will provide a short introduction of each of the functionalities with a video of the feature.

Content Items

In easygenerator you can add stand-alone content and information, but this should be done with caution. It is important to add only the necessary information to a course. However, in most cases, it’s better to add content directly to a question which ties to learning objectives.


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We made it: Easygenerator enters the Jane Hart e-learning tools top 100.

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Today Jane Hart published her annual top 100 e-learning tools. We are very excited to be one of the 16 newcomers, one of the 7 authoring tools included on the list and to be the only new authoring tool making the list this year! The number one e-learning tool is Twitter and the social media trend continues in professional learning for the sixth year in a row. Jane Hart’s list is the most influential listing of e-learning tools available. The list includes social media apps, presentation tools, visual tools, LMSs and authoring tools like easygenerator.

Check the full list here:

And read the full analysis here:

Try easygenerator yourself:

<iframe src=”//″ width=”425″ height=”355″ frameborder=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ scrolling=”no” style=”border:1px solid #CCC; border-width:1px; margin-bottom:5px; max-width: 100%;” allowfullscreen> </iframe> <div style=”margin-bottom:5px”> <strong> <a href=”//″ title=”Top 100 Tools for Learning 2014″ target=”_blank”>Top 100 Tools for Learning 2014</a> </strong> from <strong><a href=”//” target=”_blank”>Jane Hart</a></strong> </div>


Video: Didactical e-Learning Principles Behind Easygenerator

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As a teacher, trainer, or subject matter expert, you want to transfer your knowledge or share your skills with other individuals. Easygenerator can help you! We offer a simple and affordable online authoring solution. Our goal is to help you create instructional sound e-Learning by creating e-Learning based on learning objectives. This video explains the didactical principles behind easygenerator and shows you how you can apply them creating courses. Enjoy the video. We hope it helps you reach your goals in building eLearning courses.


New release of easygenerator

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New release of easygenerator

As promised we will  roll-out a new release every two months with new and improved functionality. . We just released the latest edition of easygenerator with new features that help you create courses fast and easy:

Content item

This is what other software calls a slide. For easygenerator  the term  is  too limiting, since you can embed rich media like YouTube  very easily. Adding a slide (or content page)  is  our most requested feature because up until now you could only create content directly attached to a question. Now, with a content page you can add context to a question.

Single choice image

The single choice image question  gives  the option to present a number of images so  the user has to pick the correct one. This question type is available from Starter Plan and up.

Single Choice Image in Easygenerator

Text matching

The text matching question type gives you the opportunity to present the learner with two lists of words or phrases. The learner has to match the correct items by dragging an item from the right side to the correct one on the left side. This question type is also available from Starter Plan and up.

Text Matching Question Type in Easygenerator

Dropdown list in the Fill in the blanks questions

We’ve improved the already existing  “Fill in the Blanks” questions. Since  users came very  close to identifying the right answer but didn’t use the correct word, we now provide  the learner more direction for the right answer with a drop down word list.

Fill In The Blanks Question Type in Easygenerator

General enhancements

In this roll-out:

  • We made it easier to create a new course. Just click + New course on the Courses page and a new course will be created using the Simple Course template. If you want to use another template you can switch to  another template on the Design Tab.
  • The large background images added to the “Drag and Drop text” question designer are now scaled after uploading it to fit the Drag and Drop Designer area. This solves the problem  that only a part of the image was shown.
  • We made it easier to share a course with  learners. We added a Share now button that is always visible, on the top of the screen next to the Preview course button. When you click it, your course is  published on the easygenerator course server. A private URL link is generated that you can share with  learners,giving them access to your course.

Upgrade Easygenerator

Thank you for  the feedback, ideas, wishes and bug reports you’ve submitted. Your feedback really helps us  improve our solution, including functionality and look and feel, so your courses look great.  The  web edition has been  live for  only  9 months and it already has 5.000 users in more than 100 countries! Keep sending your feedback! We really value it.  Use the feedback button in the application or email us at, Thank you and have fun authoring.