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The course afterword

The course afterword allows you to provide personalized feedback or tips on what to do next based on the learner’s assessment results.

Written Olga Kuzmenko

The course afterword is a perfect place to give your learners some feedback or tips on what to do next based on their assessment results.

Provide personalized feedback based on the assessment results

In the All-in-One and Test / Assessment templates, add the afterword to provide two different kinds of feedback:

  • feedback that will be shown if a learner scores AT or ABOVE the mastery score,
  • feedback that will be shown if a learner scores BELOW the mastery score.

Here’s an example of the afterword if the course is passed successfully:

course passed

And this is the afterword that is shown when the course is failed:

Course failed

Why the afterword is so important for online assessments

Feedback is an essential element of the learning process that allows you to guide the learner’s development and make sure they’re on the right path.

Different feedback depending on the assessment score allows learners to assess their progress and define potential areas of self-improvement.

Tips for providing a meaningful afterword

  • wrap up a course, outline the key points once again
  • take time to remind your learners of what they learned
  • reflect and connect knowledge learned through the course
  • share useful resources
  • give directions for the next steps
  • provide a feeling of achievement

Create smart learning paths with the afterword

Going even further, authors can add links to other courses in the afterword fields, which can be an extremely powerful tool to create smart learning paths.

Learners will be suggested to take one set of courses if they fail the course and need to do some extra study, and another set of courses if they pass the course successfully and want to continue learning. A very simple, yet flexible tool!

As you can see, adding the course afterword has many benefits to both learners and authors. Review your courses and add afterword to stay connected with your learners.