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Statement question

Statement (True/false) question allows assessing whether your learners understand the validity of multiple statements.

Written Olga Kuzmenko

Statement (True/false) questions ask learners to mark given statements as true or false. This question type is useful to measure learners’ ability to identify the validity or accuracy of facts.

Material that works well for statement questions includes facts, legislation, and policies.

This type of assessment enables you to cover a wide area of knowledge by adding multiple statements within a single question.

How to create a statement question in Easygenerator

  • Select the statement question from the left-hand panel and add it to a section.
  • Add a question title and instruction.
  • Fill in the statements. Click the ‘Add statement’ button to create more statements. Mark each statement as true or false.
  • Create feedback for correct and incorrect answers.
  • Optional: add a voice-over, consider enabling the survey mode.

Tips for writing good statement questions

  • The question instruction should be meaningful and state a specific problem that focuses on the learning objective.
  • The statements should be fact-based, rather than opinion-oriented.
  • Every statement should be either completely true or completely false (no ambiguity).
  • Avoid using negative statements and double negatives unless absolutely necessary.
  • Make your statements clear and concise.
  • Use 3-5 statements per question. More than 5 statements may be confusing.
  • Avoid clues to the correct answers.
  • Keep the options parallel, of similar length and have consistent grammar.