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Hotspot question

Hotspot question is a highly visual form of assessment asking learners to identify one or more spots on an image.

Written Olga Kuzmenko

Hotspot question presents learners with an image and asks them to identify one or more spots on that image. This is a highly visual form of assessment.


  • Encourage learners to engage with visual material and test their ability to identify things by their appearance.
  • Challenge learners to analyze visual information and do some serious thinking, often on a higher cognitive level than if they were to answer an easier question, such as a multiple choice question.
  • Show how things work in real life and help learners absorb and apply visual data to make decisions on the job.
  • Reduce the potential for cueing or guessing, since learners are free to click on any part of the image.

How to create a hotspot question in Easygenerator

  • Select the hotspot question from the left-hand panel and add it to a section.
  • Add a question title and instruction.
  • Upload a background image (The recommended width is 880px. The image will be scaled in the learner’s view to fit the placeholder. Scrolls may be added for optimal learner’s experience. Keep the image under 5mb for best loading speed).
  • Click on the image and drag the selection to create a hotspot. You can select a single or multiple response mode.
  • Add feedback for correct and incorrect answers.
  • Optional: add a voice-over.

Tips for writing good hotspot questions

  • The question instruction should be direct, meaningful and state a specific problem that focuses on the learning objective.
  • Make sure that each hotspot has a specific, clear-cut position on the image.
  • Limit the number of hotspots to 5. More than 5 hotspots may be confusing.
  • Use good quality images so that learners can clearly see the required areas.