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Your guide to blended learning Blended Learning
What is blended learning? Advantages and disadvantages, best practices, design and much more.
lms systeem LMS (Learning Management System)
What is an LMS and how it looks like in the learning ecosystem. LMS vs LXP. Which would be the future of L&D? Click and read it all.
what is scorm compliant SCORM vs xAPI
What is SCORM? What is xAPI? Learn the different versions of SCORM, its differences with xAPI and much more.
How to create e-learning How to create e-learning courses
Learn which are the best practices for creating e-learning courses and get started.
knowledge-sharing-best-practices Knowledge sharing
What is knowledge sharing? Benefits, barriers, best practices and more. Learn more in this free guide.
70-20-10-model-70-percentage 70:20:10 learning model
What is the 70:20:10 learning model? Benefits, criticisms, evidences and how to implement the model.
Pain points and challenges for L&D
Read the TOP 20 pain points L&D face daily and how to overcome them.
managers-encourage-knowledge-sharing E-learning authoring tools comparison
Not sure which e-learning authoring tool is the right one for your organization? Check our top 4 e-learning authoring tools comparison.
Informal learning - The ultimate guide
Most of our knowledge comes through informal learning. But what is that exactly and how can you embrace it at your organization?
convert-powerpoint-to-elearning How to convert PowerPoint to e-learning
Learn step by step how to convert PowerPoint to e-learning and engage your learners straight away.
Asynchronous Learning Asynchronous learning
Learn what asynchronous learning means. Differences with synchronous learning, definitions, examples and more.
LXP Learning Experience Platform (LXP)
Find out what a Learning Experience Platform is, its key features and benefits, and how it's different from the LMS.
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