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Onboarding with Easygenerator:

  • Increases employee retention: Engage new team members by developing personal development plans, create assessment to find their needs.
  • Accelerates compliance programs: Curate content fast and measure knowledge levels with Easygenerator’s assessments. Quickly report by downloading results!
  • Boosts company culture: Create engaging quizzes to provide employees essential information on company culture.
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Increase employee retention.

75% of employees are not effectively introduced to their work environment, leading to decreased productivity and lack of engagement. A staggering 40% of new employees will switch employers within a year. Increase engagement of new teammembers significantly with Easygenerator’s personalized learning templates.
Assess your employee’s needs and let Easygenerator’s learning objectives help you to create personal development plans.

Accelerate compliance with protocols: Curate content and assess with Easygenerator.

Get your employees engaged with safety and compliance by using the Easygenerator reader template to curate content. Easily upload or embed instruction video’s, youtube movies or wikipedia articles into Easygenerator.

By offering them engaging Easygenerator quizzes you can measure how effective compliance campaigns have been.

Boost corporate culture, quick.

More than 50% of the organizations have significant problems integrating new employees into their culture. Have employees embrace your company’s culture quickly with a fun quiz about your policies. Feed new teammembers your core values in an engaging way!!

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