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Why you should be creating your e-learning content in-house and how to do it effectively
Aug 24, 2021
30 minutes

Outsourcing e-learning content can seem like a great idea at the start, but have you considered the hidden costs involved along with additional pains it can cause? In this webinar, we’ll reveal the truth behind outsourcing e-learning content creation, and the benefits of creating e-learning in-house. Better yet, we’ll show you how easy it can be to get started! 

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What will you learn?
Discover the real costs of outsourcing e-learning content: you’ll be surprised by the additional costs!
Learn how to calculate the costs of e-learning creation with our checklist of questions to ask yourself
Get easy steps to bringing your content creation in-house for great e-learning at a fraction of the cost
Who is this for?
Easygenerator's webinars are designed for anyone who has an interest in the topic. While some of our webinars are designed more for Easygenerator users, we are sure to include valuable tips and best practices that are useful for anyone looking to create great e-learning courses.
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