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Easygenerator’s newest feature: Resources
Mar 24, 2021
30 minutes

When employees find themselves stuck on the job, they’re more likely to benefit from easily-accessible resources that answer their questions quickly so they can return to their interrupted task in no time. It’s unlikely they’ll immerse themselves in a 20-minute course. That’s why Easygenerator’s launched new features to help you create on-the-job performance support guides: Resources. In this free webinar, our Senior Onboarding Specialist, Tessa, will explain the benefits of creating resources, how they differ from e-learning courses, and how you can make the most of Easygenerator’s new features for performance support.

Tessa Razafindrakoto
Senior Onboarding Specialist
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What will you learn?
The two types of Easygenerator resources: Checklist and How-to
The best times to share these resources with your employees
What the benefits are of implementing resources
Tessa Razafindrakoto
Senior Onboarding Specialist
Tessa is Easygenerator’s Senior Onboarding Specialist. She is responsible for onboarding, training, and advising e-learning course creators. Tessa helps customers strengthen their training and projects effectively.
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