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Train partners to sell your product well

Provide your partners with exclusive trainings made in Easygenerator, so they will know your product inside and out.
Ensure your partners are always up to date
Create and publish training for broad audiences, no matter when or where they are. This way you will ensure your partners are always up to date.
Increase engagement and completion
By stacking content modules and following short chapters up with questions, you can create bite-sized content that your partners will find engaging, fun, and meaningful. Their introduction to your product will be top notch and the amount of completed courses will increase.
Allow partners to create too
Want to involve partners in creating training? That’s a great way to improve collaboration and efficiency. Because Easygenerator is a zero learning-curve tool, it’s easy for your partners’ on-the-job trainers to create e-learning tailored to their staff’s needs.