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Create a simple and clear How-to guide that employees can address right on the job.

Written Olga Kuzmenko

What is a How-to?

A How-to is an informative guide that instructs learners on how to perform a task by giving step by step instructions. It is a practical way to convey information about an active process.

Why using a How-to?

Creating a How-to guide can be an opportunity to share practical skills with a wider audience.

A How-to can be used to craft a simple and clear step-by-step guide that employees can address right on the job.

Use cases:

You can use a How-to for the following tasks:

  • Outlining a step-by-step process that a learner has to follow in order to complete a task.

  • Giving instructions for using a piece of software or technology.

  • Training employees on a complex documentation process and walking them through each step of filling out the document.

How do I create a How-to?

In Easygenerator, go to Resources tab and click New Resource button. Choose the How-to resource type.

You’ll get navigated to the editor of a pre-designed template where you can start adding your content. Write a short introduction, add steps and explanations for each step, create a summary if needed. You can easily change the order of the steps, duplicate and delete them.

Drag and drop our well-known content blocks anywhere within the How-to items (steps) to create content and support it with visual media, such as images and videos.

Click Preview in the top right corner to see how beautiful it looks on any device. Click the steps to navigate the How-to guide. Having read through each step, learners can click Close button to exit.


  • Learners get access to your How-to right away – no need to log in.

  • The How-to is designed to share job aids and easy-to-read guides rather than assess knowledge, that’s why it has no results tracking.

  • Progress of a current session is saved within your browser.

  • How-to resources are automatically shared within your Organization.

How do I customize the design of my How-to?

Under Design tab, you can easily create a beautiful visual design of your How-to.

Under Themes section, you can choose one of the available design themes, or create a new one, save it and reuse it in other How-to’s.

NOTE: To ensure a consistent look and feel of all your elearning content, same design themes are re-used in both courses and resources. This means that changes in a design theme apply to all courses and resources (How-to’s and Checklists) where this theme is used if you select the option “Save as a current theme”.

To avoid this, choose “Save as a new theme” option.

Under Branding tab, you can add your own logo (upload Main background logo and enable the option “Show the logo on the resource page”), change the main background color and customize other interface colors.

NOTE: Cover background logo and color settings are unavailable because there’s no cover page in the How-to.

Under Fonts tab, you can configure general and specific content font styles.

How do I share my How-to?

The most convenient way to share your How-to is to publish it on Easygenerator server and share the private link with your learners. Go under Publish tab or click Share in the top right corner to get the private link.

Also, you can get the embed code and add the How-to into your website.

Tip: Paste the embed code via the HTML content block to embed your How-to into a course.

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