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Enable access for specific people (whitelist)

By enabling access only for specific people you can control who will be able to login to your course.

Written Olga Kuzmenko

A whitelist is a list of users who are being provided with access to courses based on their email address.

Note: This feature is not available in the Reader template and Learning Paths.

To create a whitelist, open the Publish tab. Under Settings, switch on the option “Enable access for specific people” and click Add people.

Enable whitelist

Add learners’ emails, check “Send course invitations to people” box and click Send invites. Your learners will get an email invitation with a unique course link.

The easiest way to invite multiple users is to create a CSV file with all the emails and import the whole batch to your course by clicking Import from CSV.

Import from csv

If someone whose email is not in the whitelist attempts to open the course, they will be banned from seeing the content.

Access restricted

Note: Make sure to update the course after adding new emails to the whitelist.