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Results reporting (xAPI)

Learn more about reporting to an external LRS and xAPI standard.

Written Igor Rudi

Report results to an external LRS

You can configure your courses to send the results to an external Learning Record Store (LRS).

Under Configure tab > Progress and Login > Results tracking > Advanced settings, choose if you want to report the learners’ results directly to Easygenerator (selected by default) or to a custom LRS.

Report results to your platform

Easygenerator provides an option to send results automatically to another (external) platform. Here are some details regarding the results reporting from Easygenerator:

  • Easygenerator uses xAPI standard for tracking and tracing;
  • By default, the courses created in Easygenerator send data to Easygenerator’s internal Learning Record Store (LRS), so authors can track and trace learners’ results on the Results step;
  • However, it’s very easy to send data to your service in the same way (there is an option in the interface of Easygenerator to configure where to send data);
  • To report to your own platform, there are minimal xAPI standard requirements (basically about the structure of the requests and endpoints) to receive tracking and tracing data:

“It’s also possible for a tool which is not an LRS to choose to follow the LRS requirements of one or more of the resources and methods described in this section. For example, a tool might implement POST Statements for the purposes of receiving incoming Statements forwarded by an LRS. Such a system is not considered to be an LRS or ‘partial LRS’; it is simply not an LRS.”

You can learn more here.