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Using tags to organize courses

Tags help you search and navigate through the list of your courses.

Written Olga Kuzmenko

Tagging your courses makes it easier for you to search and navigate through the list of courses.

What is tagging and how does it work?

Tags are keywords or terms that describe your course. For example, if you tag your “Onboarding New Employees” course with the word “onboarding”, you’ll be able to quickly find it among other courses by this tag.

You can also tag with a number, year, month, subject matter, or anything else which can help you find your course easily.

You can use up to 32 tags containing up to 64 symbols for each course. We encourage you to add only relevant tags as too many tags can make your course harder to find.

How do I add a tag?

To add tags to your course, click on Add tag under the course title. In the text box, type in your tag or select one that has already been used for other courses. When you’re done creating a new tag, press Enter to save it.

Adding a tag

How do I manage tags?

You can filter your courses by tags. Head to the Tags filter and select a tag.

Manage tags

When you click on a tag, the list of courses becomes filtered by the tag, and only the courses where the selected tag is used are shown.

Filtering tags

You can remove filtering by clicking All courses, then the tag becomes unselected.

Remove filtering

To delete a tag, simply click on the Cross icon next to it.

Deleting tags

NOTE: Tags are only available for Team plan users. Please upgrade your plan to enjoy this feature.