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Getting Started
This collection explains how to get a free trial, create a course, reset your password, upgrade your account etc.
Easygenerator for Learners
Find out how learners can log in the course, access the Course Dashboard, change learner's name and reset password.
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Browsers and screen resolutions
Find out about the supported browsers and screen resolutions.
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Preferred image sizes
Drag-and-drop and hotspot question background, single choice image question, section icons, course logo, and background.
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Upgrade your account
After your 14-day trial ends, click on 'upgrade now' on the top right of your screen to gain full functionality.
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Free trial period
When you sign up, you get a 14-day free trial to enjoy the full functionality of Easygenerator.
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Easygenerator VPAT
Here is a complete Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT).
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How Easygenerator complies with GDPR
A guide to our GDPR readiness program.
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Security at Easygenerator
The security and integrity of your data are critically important for us, and we’ve built our services around this idea.
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Billing info and account settings
Change your name, billing info, see invoice history, choose interface language, cancel the subscription and delete your account.
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Reset password
Learn how to reset the password to your Easygenerator authoring account, and how learners can reset their password to Easygenerator courses.
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Using tags to organize courses
Tags help you categorize, search and navigate through your courses.
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As the course author, you get in-app and email notifications when co-authors or reviewers tag you, respond to or close your review comments.
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Navigation within the course editor
In Easygenerator, courses can be sorted by alphabetic order / date / template / tag.
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How to delete a course
As the course owner, you can delete any course you've created. A co-author can not delete the course, but can stop co-authoring.
Updated over a week ago
Create a course
An overview of 5 steps you have to follow to set up a course: (1) Create, (2) Design, (3) Configure, (4) Publish and (5) Results.
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What is a course?
Online courses include e-learning material like content and question items organized into sections.
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Chat support hours
Start a new conversation with Easygenerator Support Specialists to get professional help or didactic advice.
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